Leadership: Mastering Influence

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The VDI workshop “Leadership: Mastering Influence” is designed to give you the edge in achieving your goals by using influence strategies. Learn how to foster collaboration, enhance trust and deal with a variety of professional situations practically and persuasively.

Manage your success

Succeeding in business isn’t easy. That’s why you need to employ a variety of strategies to achieve your goals and objectives. One such strategy is using influence. Influence is particularly important when you don’t have authority to rely on to get things done. The VDI workshop “Leadership: Mastering Influence” will provide you with the skills you need to leverage practical techniques and tools to further your agenda and gain influence with colleagues and teams.

Collaboration and cooperation are key in any business organization and this workshop will show you how to adjust your approach to others, gain commitment and enhance trust in the workplace.

Drive your career forward by maximizing your skills and learning how to use influence to achieve greater success.

Workshop content

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1. Day 09:00 to 17:00 / 2. Day 09:00 to 17:00


  • Welcome and Expectations
  • Target Definition of the Course

Defining Influence

  • Identifying the three critical Elements
  • Building value with others
  • Working with resistance for positive outcomes

++ Presentation/Discussion

The Elements of Influence

  • Five critical factors for influencing others
  • Achieving and maintaining commitment
  • Implementing Positive Action

++ Exercise/Discussion

Building Your Foundation

  • Establishing and maintaining trust
  • Developing Rapport
  • Listening for multiple perspectives
  • Practical Hints

Applying Six Major Influence Strategies

  • Identifying strengths and limitations
  • Culture
  • Thinking strategically
  • Practical Hints

Expanding Your Power Base

  • The six types of power
  • Developing political intelligence
  • Working with multiple perspectives

++ Discussion

Practicing Exemplary Leadership

  • Implementing five leadership practices
  • Developing your personal leadership plan
  • Practical Hints

++ Exercise/Discussion

Dealing with Challenging Behaviors

  • Recognizing the interplay of perceptions
  • Taking powerful Actions
  • Overcoming Resistance

++       Exercise/Discussion

Who is this workshop for?

The VDI workshop “Leadership: Mastering Influence” is ideal for leaders working in technical environments, heads of teams with or without disciplinary authority and experts and employees working in matrix organizations and cross-functional roles.

Your workshop chair, Denise Louise Jeffrey, Executive and Leadership Coach, and Professional Seminar Trainer, Europe, USA and The Middle East

Denise Jeffrey has more than 17 years of experience in professional training and coaching with multi-national corporations and aerospace and defense. Her specialties are Leadership, Communications and Negotiations with an emphasis on the complexities of working both nationally and internationally. She has been published on several business and training blogs and magazines. She has lived in six and has traveled to over forty countries. She has been living in Italy for the past 17 years.

Use influence to your advantage

Do you want to gain confidence in leading teams? Are you interested in fostering collaboration and cooperation in organizations? Do you need to improve your skills and improve your leverage of influence? Then secure your seat now at the VDI workshop “Leadership: Mastering Influence”

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