International VDI Workshop - Leading Projects successfully

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Munich: Date has been changed to July 7 & 8, 2020

  • Learn about the methods successful project managers use to efficiently and effectively manage tasks and people.
  • Find out what works in terms of communicating with and motivating team members, as well as resolving conflicts.
  • Discuss real-world, practical examples and put your new skills and knowledge to use in small group exercises.
  • Learn about agile methods and gain insight into easily applicable techniques, such as kanban, stand-up meetings or time-boxing.
  • Benefit from the insights of an expert workshop leader, with the unique combination of industry experience and insight into human behavior.
Leading Projects Successfully | VDI Workshop

The international VDI Leading Projects Successfully Workshop will give you the ability to build powerful teams, motivate staff and effectively manage projects. From operative and control management to planning how to use resources and structuring workflows or making meetings more efficient and managing conflicts, this workshop will give you the skills you need to make your projects more successful.

Boost your skills in order to succeed

Technical projects are becoming increasingly complex and demanding. And in a fast-moving world, this places ever-greater demands upon project managers to deliver efficient, successful results time and time again. That’s where improving your project management skills and learning about effective organization, efficient staff management, improving your communication with others and using agile techniques can give you a decisive edge.

Concise input from professional experts, practical examples from real-world scenarios and collaborative, small group tasks will allow you to practice what you learn and apply new skills and methods. Regardless of whether it’s about operative or control management, with the help of an experienced session leader, this international VDI Workshop is specifically designed to help you lead your projects to success.

Content of the Workshop

The VDI Leading Projects Successfully Workshop will cover the following areas:

Munich: Date has been changed to July 7 & 8, 2020

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1. Day 10:00 - 18:00, 2. Day 08:30 - 15:30

The Project Manager's Role and Tasks
The Role:

  • Role of the project manager in projects
  • Role conflicts and dealing with them
  • Principles of effective management
  • Using your own strengths in a targeted manner
  • Leading without direct authority

++ Create your own Role and Competency Profile


The Tasks:

  • How do I set up the "right team"?
  • Stages of team development
  • Team strengthening measures
  • Staff motivation in the context of personality: How do I motivate and reward correctly?
  • Initiation and accompaniment of change processes

++ Definition and Description of your own Project Tasks

Managing Projects

  • Getting the right projects right: Project assignment and project planning
  • Kick-off meeting: Defining and communicating project goals
  • The work breakdown structure as an elementary planning instrument
  • Stakeholder analysis and active project marketing
  • Planning resources efficiently

++ Work out a WBS based on your Case Study and prepare a Risk Analysis

Communicating efficiently and hosting efficient Meetings

  • The basics of communications psychology
  • Effective reporting
  • Organizing and managing meetings efficiently
  • Intercultural teams and virtual communication
  • Receiving and giving feedback
  • Lessons learned as project completion

++ Based on your Case Study, you will develop a Report Concept including a Meeting Structure

Dealing with Conflicts in Projects

  • Conflict management: Dealing with the different interests of the project participants, unequal power relations and poorly-defined competencies
  • Conflict levels: Conflict characteristics and their solutions

++ Checklists for Conflict Discussions and Hand-out for Conflict Resolutions

Target audience for the workshop

The VDI Leading Projects Successfully Workshop is perfect for project staff who will take on project leadership in future as well as:

  • Newly appointed project leaders and managers
  • Experienced project leaders
  • Managers who want to further their skills and understanding
  • Managers responsible for product, organizational or system development

Your Workshop Chair

Jennifer Böhnke, Senior Consultant, Orbitak AG, Bremen, Germany

Jennifer Böhnke is a Senior Consultant at Orbitak AG. She works on various projects and specializes in the field of automotive and other industries. She has several years of experience in leadership at a variety of companies in different sectors. Böhnke has a Bsc. in Business Administration & Business Psychology, which gives her a great deal of know-how in the field of neurosciences as well as the fundamentals of human behavior and personality. Furthermore, she can provide knowledge and insight into areas such as: leadership, personality development, agile working methods and change management in organizations.

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Eventnumber: 08SE104

International VDI Workshop - Leading Projects successfully


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Take advantage of the block of rooms we have reserved for guests at the event location. Please list VDI Wissensforum as a reference when making your hotel booking.

Eventnumber: 08SE104

International VDI Workshop - Leading Projects successfully


Take advantage of the block of rooms we have reserved for guests at the event location. Please list VDI Wissensforum as a reference when making your hotel booking.

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