Leading Teams in Agile Working Environments

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Leading teams the agile way - Workshop

Looking at group psychology, self-organization and agile leadership, the international VDI workshop “Leading teams in agile working environments” will give you insights into making teams and individuals within them work together more effectively.

Lead your team to success

Increasing digitalization means that modern working teams need to be more agile than ever before. Every aspect of the value chain is affected and corporate leaders must get on top of the benefits that effective, agile team leadership can bring.

The international VDI workshop “Leading teams in agile working environments” will teach you about the basics of group psychology that will help you form and lead agile teams. You will also learn how to use collective wisdom effectively, apply principles of self-organization and develop an agile leader’s toolkit that suits your individual needs and those of your team.
In a series of presentations, agile games, exercises and tasks, the international VDI workshop “Leading teams in agile working environments” will help you develop leadership skills for more effective teams. Learn about the techniques that get team members through early phases of team maturity, and find out how mechanisms of teamwork can be better understood.

In an increasingly complex and digital world, it is essential to expand your leadership practice and this workshop will help you achieve that.

Workshop Content

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1. Day 09:00 until 17:00 / 2. Day 09:00 until 17:00

Adding Business Value to the organizational Mission

Appreciating diverse organizational Cultures

  • Analyzing the characteristics of hierarchal and adaptive structures
  • Distinguishing complicated, complex and chaotic systems
  • Agile and the art and practice of the learning organization (Fifth Discipline)

Identifying Business Value

  • Defi ning your sphere of infl uence
  • The organizational mission statement
  • Quantifying strategic plans using metrics
  • Tangible and intangible business values

Embracing Uncertainty to increase Business Value

Recognizing Root Causes

  • Accounting for the planning fallacy
  • Determining the e ects of complexity on your organization
  • The danger of extrapolating the past
  • The Innovator's Dilemma

Exploiting Uncertainty

  • Applying the Cynefi n Framework 
  • Identifying disruptive technologies

The Agile Leader's Toolkit

Applying Development Methodologies 

  • The domain of traditional and agile methodologies like Scrum
  • Valuable Management 3.0 concepts

Managing Risks

  • Traditional and agile risk management
  • Timeboxing to counter scope creep
  • The premortem versus the postmortem
  • Addressing the technology landscape

The Agile Umbrella Leadership Model

  • Finding your leadership style through the prism of established leadership models
  • Push vs. pull leadership 
  • Building your analytical and behavioral skill sets
  • How artifacts will help any team to achieve target in a safe way
  • Defi ning the behaviors and values of the agile leader

Emotional Intelligence for the Agile Leader

Cultivating your Emotional Intelligence 

  • The Emotional Intelligence Framework
  • Identifying resistance to change in your organization
  • Applying active listening techniques
  • Avoiding group think

Sharpening your Infl uencing Skills 

  • The importance of a leader's vision
  • Finding the balance between logic and emotion in fostering change 
  • Appreciating the importance of reciprocity 
  • Building an agile coalition network

Creating an Agile Environment

Empowering Teams and fostering their Success

  • Identifying the structural and psychological empowerment required for the agile team
  • Bringing leadership to the Scrum meeting
  • The challenge of being 10 times faster

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Measuring the performance of agile teams
  • The application of brainstorming and creativity techniques to problem solving
  • Ensuring the "waterfall left hand" knows what the “Agile right hand” is doing

Implementing your Agile Leadership Action Plan 

  • Creating an action plan for agile leadership and self-organized teams
  • Managing the stakeholders in an agile transformation process
  • The challenge of improving at scale

Who is this workshop for?

The international VDI workshop “Leading teams in agile working environments” is ideal for corporate leaders, professionals and managers who work in agile and digital environments as well as:

  • Product owners, scrum masters and agile team members
  • Leadership staff and external Consultants

Your workshop chair: Valentin Nowotny

Valentin Nowotny is a media scientist and psychologist with an MBA who works around the world as an operating trainer and consultant. He is specialized in working with companies with a global reach. Nowotny lives in Berlin and runs international training and consulting company NowConcept Group® Perfect Training Results. He has written of over a dozen business books and offers state-of-the-art training as well as cutting edge team workshops.

Become more agile

Do you want to learn about new leadership concepts and how that can benefit your business? Would you like to take part in a productive workshop with practical examples and networking opportunities with your peers? Are you interested in shaping the corporate future by creating an agile environment? Then secure your seat at the international VDI workshop “Leading teams in agile working environments” now.

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