Machine Learning for better Maintenance Decisions

Workshop: Machine Learning for better Maintenance Decisions

In times of the digital transformation, the classical industries are facing large amounts of data. The questions arises how engineers can apply their engineering knowledge to compliment developments such as machine learning in practice. This workshop provides an interesting overview of machine learning strategies and answers the question how to put them into practice. Prior to the workshop, participants have the opportunity to send us their questions to influence the workshop program directly.

Predictive Maintenance plays a key role for Automation & Production

Every day, we depend on different systems and machines. In case of transportation, we depend on cars, buses or other vehicles. In aviation we rely on planes while in hospitals machines can keep humans alive. Unfortunately, all of these systems can fail, which can certainly cost lives. For this reason we usually perform regular maintenance also in automation & production, where the aspects of higher predictability and cost savings also play an important role.

Currently buzz words such as machine learning and artificial intelligence frequently appear in this context. But how can Machine Learning support Maintenance and enable better Maintenance decisions? During the workshop you will learn in different hands-on sessions how to involve machine learning into equipment maintenance.  

Topics of the Workshop

The Workshop “Machine Learning for better Maintenance Decisions“ will cover the following topics:

  • Initial Discovery and Project scoping
    • Sources of inefficiency in current maintenance strategies
    • Common analytic strategies for predictive maintenance
    • Data requirements for Analytics
    • Selecting equipment for pilot programs in predictive maintenance
  • Modelling
    • Data science vs. engineering- Learn how to apply engineering knowledge to compliment data driven modelling practices
    • Designing models to predict equipment failures and make optimal maintenance decisions
  • Operationalizing
    • Integrating analytics with data collection and asset management Systems
    • How to make sure that predictions improve rather than degrade over time

If you want to discuss a specific topic, please send us your suggestions and questions four weeks prior to the workshop. The workshop chair will try to include your suggestions in the workshop and answer your questions.

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Who should attend this international Workshop?

This workshop on Machine Learning for better Maintenance Decisions is directed at:

  • Technical Management
  • Product Management & Business Development
  • Engineers
  • And Specialists

in Automation & Production Industries.

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