International VDI Conference - Maintenance: Data Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Services

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  • Receive up to date information first hand from representatives from industry and research.
  • Exchange ideas and experiences about maintenance with international participants and speakers.
  • Experience best practice examples directly from industrial practice.
  • Visit Accenture's IIoT Innovation Center in Garching.
Maintenance 2017 - International VDI Conference

Learn about and assess new technologies and developments in maintenance at the “Maintenance: Data Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Services” conference. The focus is on data analytics, predictive maintenance, maintenance strategies and service models. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other experts and to network. Several best practice examples make this a practically oriented event.

Maintenance in the age of digitization – a competitive advantage rather than a cost factor

Maintenance was long considered an inconvenient cost factor in many companies. But new technologies and developments now enable companies to secure substantial competitive advantages. The “Maintenance” conference gives you an overview of these developments and offers you a platform to exchange ideas and experiences with other experts. For example, learn about how to analyze and use maintenance data in a targeted way. Further themes of the conference include:

  • Condition and vibration monitoring
  • Latest technologies: 3D printing and Augmented Reality
  • Shopfloor IT
  • Reliabilty centred maintenance 
  • Strategic maintenance management

The agenda boasts of presentations of internationally renowned experts and has been put together by our supporting experts

  • Aditya Parida, Ph.D., Luleå University of Technology, Luleå
  • Dr. rer.-pol. Ralf Gitzel, ABB AG, Ladenburg
  • Manuel Meister, Accenture AG, Zürich

The accompanying program for the “Maintenance” conference

Book one conference and visit three – as a “Maintenance” conference participant you can also take part in two other conferences running at the same time at no additional cost: “Drones: Industrial Applications – Increasing Efficiency and reducing Costs” and “Smart Construction Equipment”.

Furthermore, you can visit Accenture's IIoT Innovation Center in Garching and maintain and expand your professional network at an evening get-together for participants of all three conferences.

Who should take part

The conference is addressed to:

  • Heads of Maintenance
  • Heads of Technology
  • Factory and Facility Managers
  • Digital Operations Managers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Managing Directors
  • Heads of Remote Services
  • Business Development Managers

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Program of the Conference

1st day


Registration & welcome coffee

I. Big Data and Predictive Analytics


Chair’s welcome and opening address How Big Data effects Maintenance

  • Present and emerging industrial scenario
  • Asset management issues and challenges
  • Industrial Big Data
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • An industrial application

Aditya Parida Ph.D., Professor, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden


Full Stack Monitoring – From Hardware to Analytics to Information

  • Hypothesis driven use case Approach
  • Data fusion
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Railway example
  • Business case behind it

Thomas Böhm, Chief Data Scientist, KONUX GmbH, Germany


Big Data Analytics – Turning Data into Business Value

  • Big Data in the industrial context
  • Advanced Analytics with machine learning (incl. deep learning)
  • Challenges of Industrial Big Data
  • Examples of Industrial Big Data in the context of maintenance

Dr. Christoph Oestreicher, Head of Advanced Software Systems, Voith Digital Solutions GmbH, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Predictive Maintenance of Wind Power Plants

  • Organization of process
  • Evaluation of benefits
  • New technologies – Using Big Data
  • The challenge of fragmented data sources
  • Future developments

Yiannis Loizos, Predictive Maintenance Manager, Enel Green Power SpA, Italy (Tbc)


Structural Fatigue Life and adaptive Maintenance

  • Methods of structural fatigue calculation
  • Usage / load history data
  • Improved calculation methods
  • Offshore approach
  • Inspection and repair

Wouter van den Bos, Founder and CEO, SDC Verifier NL, The Netherlands




Real Time Supervision of Key Machine/Production Data

  • Production and maintenance overview
  • Flexible tool for user’s demand
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Production monitoring (quantity and quality)
  • Expert system (predictive maintenance + production support)

Christian Boulouard, Head of Maintenance and Electrical Engineering, co-author: Grégory Brouillet, Maintenance 4.0 Group Leader, both: Robert Bosch France SAS, France


Panel Discussion How much money can you safe with Predictive Maintenance?
Dr. Christoph Oestreicher
, Head of Advanced Software Systems, Voith Digital Solutions GmbH, Germany
Grégory Brouillet, Maintenance 4.0 Group Leader, Robert Bosch France SAS, France
Yiannis Loizos, Predictive Maintenance Manager, Enel Green Power SpA, Italy (Tbc)


Networking & coffee break

II. Emerging Industrial Maintenance Applications


Augmented Reality: Bringing increased Efficiency to Industrial Maintenance

  • Short overview of Augmented Reality: What it is and how it works
  • Overview of where Augmented Reality can be used in industrial maintenance
  • Case study of a customer using an AR app
  • Summary of some key initial findings from their experiences

Paul Sweeney PhD, VP and General Manager, DAQRI International Ltd., Ireland


Game-changing Technologies to digitalize Elevator Maintenance

  • MAX, the IoT solution to predict potential elevator malfunctions
  • Increased efficiency of our maintenance teams with HoloLens
  • Reducing elevator downtime by 50% with MAX and HoloLens

Isabel Gonzalez Mieres, Director of Projects, Thyssenkrupp Elevator Innovation Center S.A., Spain


Printing Spare Parts – How 3D Printing revolutionizes Maintenance

  • Why waiting for spare parts is a problem and why 3D printing is a solution
  • How 3D printing works and what can be printed
  • Why 3D printing is a change management subject and not a technological one
  • How networking helps

Stefanie Brickwede, Head of 3D printing, Managing Director “Mobility goes Additive”, Deutsche Bahn Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH, Germany


End of conference day one


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers

2nd day

III. Maintenance Management Strategies


Cyber Security for Railways critical computerized Systems
Marc Antoni
, Director, co-authors: Francis Bedel, CTO Digitalisation, Teodor Gradinariu, Technical Rail System Department Coordinator, all: International Union of Railways (UIC), France


The Make-or-Buy Challenge

  • Make-or-Buy as major cost driver decision
  • The challenge of keeping knowledge in-house
  • Various examples of Make-or-Buy topics within the railway industry: Switches and crossings, signaling equipment, safety related software development

Willem-Jan Zwanenburg, Director, RebelGroup BV, The Netherlands


„ABC Analysis“ for Selective Predictive Maintenance

  • Classifying equipment based on criticality and maintenance cost
  • Choosing an appropriate level of predictive analytics for each item based on its classification
  • Generic techniques for predictive maintenance – Models that produce “good enough” predictions for multiple equipment types
  • Specialized modelling – equipment-specific modelling techniques for most critical equipment

Michael Adendorff B.Sc., Senior Technical Staff Member, Architect, IBM Canada Ltd., Canada


Networking & coffee break


Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM): From Data to Decision

  • Overview of RCM-based maintenance program development – A data driven approach
  • Application of RCM in aircraft maintenance program development
  • Aspects of data collection, reliability analysis and maintenance modelling
  • Cost and risk based RCM decision making
  • Future trend in RCM based maintenance management

Alireza Ahmadi Ph.D., Associate Professor, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden


Reliability Improvement beyond the Reliability Centred Maintenance Methodology

  • Reliability for non-reliability engineers: Why is reliability so important – Awareness creation
  • How can you achieve a reliability culture?
  • Overview of RCM methodology: From RCM/FMEA sessions to a maintenance plan in your CMMS; establishing a continuous improvement cycle
  • Facilitating an RCM workshop: Lessons learned and importance of change Management

Johan Ferket, Consultancy Manager, Stork B.V., The Netherlands


Remote Service Cloud: How to connect 15,000 Smart Factories all around the World

  • The challenge to network thousands of productions systems all around the world
  • How to solve requirements like security, zero administration, plug and play and 100% technical availability • Integration of mobile devices
  • Value of Data Analytics

Klaus Bauer, Head of Basic Technology Development, TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co. KG, Germany




Digital Services for Production Maintenance in Automotive Manufacturing

  • Current trends
  • Tools and applications
  • Productized services for global maintenance networks

Dr. Christoph Jaschinski, Chief Sales Officer/Global Board of Management, Leadec Holding GmbH, Germany

IV. Knowledge Management 4.0


Assistance Systems for Learning and Knowledge Management in the Steel Industry

  • Latest findings of Thyssenkrupp‘s knowledge management department
  • Surveying tacit knowledge with triad interviews
  • Documentation and visualization of experiential knowledge
  • Testing of smart devices

Juliane Steffen, Research Assistant, Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG, Germany, co-author: Dr.-Ing. Tina Haase, Senior Research Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Germany


The two biggest Mistakes when establishing Self-Service in your Support Organization

  • Recent studies about self-service and different service channels
  • Why self-service often fails to bring the right benefit
  • Mistakes in self-service installations and processes
  • One channel to your customer
  • Intelligent support ticket dispatching

Peter Stanjeck, Managing Director, USU AG, Germany


Conference chair’s closing remarks


End of conference

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International VDI Conference - Maintenance 2017: Data Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Services

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