International VDI Workshop - Modern Leadership Competences

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  • Understand basic leadership competencies
  • Learn about how to give good feedback and manage performance
  • Gain confidence when dealing with conflict
  • Expand upon your team optimization and management skills
  • Learn effective communication methods that will make an impact and achieve results
Modern Leadership Competencies| VDI workshop

This practically oriented VDI workshop will give you a clear and lasting understanding of the key competencies necessary to succeed as a leader and to make an impact in technical environments and projects. From leveraging leadership techniques and using hands-on communication methods to learning how to encourage collaboration and avoid conflict, this workshop will give you the skills you need to strengthen your own personality as a leader.

To succeed is to lead

In today’s demanding and fast-moving technical environments, strong, effective and insightful leadership is often the key to the success of teams, projects and organizations. This practical VDI workshop will focus on honing the skills you need to strengthen your ability to deal not just with your own colleagues, but with customers, stakeholders and other leaders as well.

In a series of inspiring training sessions, you can take advantage of one-to-one trainer feedback and learn about the basic competencies of leadership, the significance of feedback and performance management, team optimization and effective communication skills, to name but a few. This highly specialized workshop will also look at modern leadership styles, which form the basis for agile leadership methods, project team leadership as well as virtual and lateral leadership. If you are a leader in a technical organization, then this workshop is ideal for you to take your leadership personality and skills to the next level and succeed.

Content of the Workshop

The VDI Modern Leadership Competencies Workshop will cover the following areas:

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1. Day 9:00 - 18:00, 2. Day 8:30 - 17:00

• Warm-Up: Reflect your working environment
• The Need-for-Leadership: Which competencies are suitable now?
• VUCA-World in Tec-Industry

• Overview
• Self-Reflection: My actual leadership capabilities

Feedback Competence
• Significance of feedback
• Appreciation aspects
• Feedback communication techniques

Performance Know-How
• Challenge of performance judgement
• Performance-Matrix tool
• Balanced judgement for personal development and improving teams
• Procedures for annual performance talks
• Special communication aspects

Communication Tools for Day-by-Day Purposes
• Overview and 2-level-model
• Clear statements, mandatory commitments and convincing arguments
• Constructive criticism and difficult messages
• Dealing with objections
• Circular questioning

Collaboration Competence
• Team-Performance-Indicators
• Find your personal indicator
• Basic team optimization
• Team setup

Basic Change-Handling
• Emotional impact of change activities
• Significance of initial change announcement
• Know-how for next steps

• Understanding of conflict and the resulting challenges
• Avoiding conflicts
• Resolving conflicts
• Communication aspects

Leadership Specials
• You in the sandwich situation
• Significance of your meetings
• Leading yourself

Target audience for the workshop

The VDI Modern Leadership Competencies Workshop is designed for the following professionals:

  • Leaders in technical working environments
  • Team leaders without disciplinary authority
  • Experts in matrix-organizations and sandwich positions
  • Leaders in project management or agile environments who want to enhance their basic leadership competencies
  • Management trainees

Your Workshop Chair

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Kindler, Managing Director, Performance & Success GmbH, Hannover, Germany

Dr. Kindler is Managing Director of Performance & Success GmbH, which focuses on management excellence in the high-tech sector, specializing in medium sized enterprises working in IT and telecommunications as well as automotive supply.

Prior to this, he worked with Vodafone (previously Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH) since 1991. During this time he held various management positions and took charge of the nationwide expansion of the network. He was responsible for 1,800 employees. Throughout the course of his career, he has demonstrated a keen interest in high-performance leadership, which led him to move to the HR side of the business, where he took on the role of Director of Business HR in 2006. In 2013, Dr. Kindler founded Performance & Success GmbH.

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