International VDI Workshop - Out of Stock! Managing Spare Part Obsolescence.

  • Find out about what obsolescence is and the risks it poses to a variety of businesses.
  • Gain insight into preparing for the obsolescence of components and parts and find out how working together with suppliers and customers can help manage risk.
  • Learn about the basics of obsolescence management and product change notifications.
  • See practical examples of how sensitive products can be stored, how life cycles can be extended and how counterfeit spares affect the market and your business.
  • Proactively prepare your business for the risks and challenges posed by obsolescence and make sure you can minimize impacts on your machines, buildings and facilities.
Out of Stock! Managing Spare Part Obsolescence | VDI Workshop

The VDI Out of Stock! Managing Spare Part Obsolescence workshop looks at the impacts of obsolete parts on the running of vehicles, machines and facilities. Get ahead of the challenges posed by parts that are no longer available and gain practical advice and insight into how to manage parts supply from the customer side as well as the supplier side.

Stay on top of your spares

They may not necessarily make the headlines, but spare parts should not be taken for granted. They are essential to keep the widest variety of machines, buildings and facilities up and running. Nevertheless, it often happens that spares become obsolete and subsequently difficult to source, especially in times of industry 4.0 and electronic parts. This can lead not just to delays and production stops but can seriously impact business when machines or equipment needs to be scrapped or replaced when spares are no longer available. This workshop will look at the factors that contribute towards obsolescence and how you can get ahead of the game by preparing for the worst case and hedging your risks. Obsolescence will be looked at from both supplier and customer side and several practical examples will provide you with insight and knowledge into how best to tackle this increasing technical challenge.

Your workshop chairs

Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Heinbach, Managing Director, GMD German Machine Parts GmbH & Co.KG and Ian Blackman, Chief Technical Officer, International Institute of Obsolescence Management, United Kingdom will moderate this interactive workshop and provide you with their profound knowledge about obsolescence Management


We are currently preparing the final program for you. You will soon be able to download it here.

Who is this workshop for?

With its series of practical presentations, working groups, discussions and best practice examples, this workshop is perfect for professionals and management working in maintenance, repair and spare part management. Amongst others, this workshop is aimed at those working in:

  • Procurement
  • Quality Control
  • Product management
  • Service and maintenance management
  • Spare parts supply
  • Supply chain Management
  • Business continuity
  • Maintenance and repairs

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