International VDI Workshop - Secure Software Development for Mobility Solutions

Secure Software Development for Mobility Solutions| VDI Workshop

The VDI Secure Software Development for Mobility Solutions workshop will consider all the aspects of software development that are relevant in terms of security, specifically looking at protection from malicious actors, such as hackers. This includes measures built in to software from the outset as well as discussions about levels of acceptable risk, threat modeling and security testing. This workshop will help participants understand the fundamentals of secure software, as well as best practices within the development industry and how basic techniques can be applied to make the software development lifecycle more security-oriented. Take part in a highly relevant, cross-industry session to gain a condensed overview of software security from leading experts.

The security of all software is paramount

Protecting our digital systems and processes has always been a challenge, and this has become more difficult the more connected our systems and devices become. That’s why considering security from the very beginning of software development is key when it comes to effective protection. It’s not as simple as utilizing additional tools – it’s about designing the software so that it can act itself. The VDI Secure Software Development for Mobility Solutions workshop will give you an overview of the current security challenges, with a specific focus on mobility. In a short, focused and condensed session, this workshop will look at risk-based approaches to security and the use of threat modeling from the very beginning of software development.

Acceptance criteria for security requirements will also be discussed in detail, in addition to security cost structures. On the basis of relevant case studies, you will learn why secure software is so difficult to achieve and what tools and techniques you can use to help improve security across the board.



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Workshop Key Topics

The VDI Secure Software Development for Mobility Solutions workshop will cover the following topics, amongst others:

  • The motivation of hackers
  • Making security requirements explicit
  • Threat modeling
  • Secure design principles
  • Secure coding
  • Security testing
  • Secure deployment
  • Security response
  • Security in DevOps processes

Target audience

The VDI Secure Software Development for Mobility Solutionsworkshop is ideal for professionals and management working in various aspects of software development and security. Amongst others, this workshop will be of interest to:

  • Project managers for software projects in all industries – specifically in the automotive sector
  • Quality managers that aim to integrate security in their QA processes
  • IT security experts that would like to engage with the software development field
  • Software developers with an interest in security

Furthermore, this event is open to all professionals with an interest in software security, who would like to discuss how current systems can be optimized and future trends can be anticipated.

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