4th International VDI Conference - Smart Construction Equipment

  • Learn about current challenges and opportunities in construction brought about by digitalization
  • See how construction processes can be optimized
  • Discuss the future possibilities that AI will bring to the construction site
  • Network with internationally renowned experts
4th Smart Construction Equipment | VDI conference

The construction site is getting smarter and this leads to new challenges for all parties involved. The 4th VDI Smart Construction Equipment conference will discuss these challenges to the construction industry in the face of increasing digitalization, automation, the rise of AI and other current technology developments. In a series of informative discussions, presentations and networking sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with international experts in the field. Get an overview of the potential changes in the market and see how you can position yourself and your company to take advantage of these changes in the best possible way.

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Author: Dr. Fabian Zimmer, Michael Dold, Darko Klinec, Stephanie Knobloch, Dr. Anatoly Sherman, alle: Sick AG

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Building upon current trends

Digitalization, automation and AI are affecting just about all areas of modern industry. The construction sector is no exception and there is a clear need for new ideas and new approaches to deal with changing client demands and practices. Efficiency is a key factor and new developments in technology make it easier to optimize performance, safety and process metrics. The 4th VDI Smart Construction Equipment conference will introduce you to the challenges and opportunities increasing digitalization will bring to the industry, and give you an overview of how the coming changes will affect you and your company.


Participants will profit from innovative ideas, best practice examples, case studies, tech presentations and interactive discussion rounds!

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Wednesday, December 09, 2020


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address: Dr. Oliver Geibig
Acting Managing Director Business Units & Engineering, fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

I. Construction Site of the Future


Digitalization & Disruption of Business Models in Construction

  • Digitalization of all areas of the construction industry leads to a change of the traditional business models of all actors
  • Increased productivity and optimization of the cooperation of architects, planners, construction companies, suppliers and craftsmen
  • New digital business models in the construction industry

Dr. Kai-Stefan Schober, Senior Partner & Head of Practice Group Construction, Roland Berger GmbH, German


Perspectives of a Connected and Automated Construction Site

  • Wireless communication systems for construction sites: comprehensive data flow between machines, assets and a central management instance
  • Key requirements for automated machine operation and construction work driven by digital models
  • Research project „Bauen 4.0“ - from simple asset tracking devices to machine on-board systems up to site planning and management software

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Will & Volker Waurich, both: Stiftungsprofessur für Baumaschinen, TU Dresden, Germany


Remote Operation and Service of Automated and Autonomous Transport Machines on Construction Sites

  • Smart on board diagnosis: combining individual machine parameters with data collected on other machines to find the most probable cause of an error
  • Remote operation centers: restart and control the machine
  • Remote service centers: expert support for diagnosis and repair
  • Examples, how operation and service of highly automated machines can be integrated into daily worksite operation

Dr. Dipl. Ing. Christoph Mueller, CEO, MobileTronics GmbH,Germany


Developments, Challenges and Opportunities for digitalizing Construction Sites

  • Overview of the recent developments on digitalizing construction sites
  • Opportunities with smart construction site solutions
  • Partnerships as important element to drive future success

Dr. Marc Jost-Benz, Project Lead Amazon Private Label and Rental (PT/PJ-PLR), Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, Germany




Shaping the Future of Construction with Remote Site Monitoring

  • Future possibilities that computer vision, photogrammetry, drones, machinelearning, and big-data analytics will bring to the construction site
  • Leverage as-built digital twins for progress monitoring, visual inspections, quality control, and supervision
  • Harness the power of construction data

JP Giometti, Executive Director, Global Strategy and Corporate Development, HCSS, USA


Panel Discussion: Rethinking of the Manufactures
Panelist to be announced - including OEM‘s


Networking & Coffee Break

II. Connected Construction Equipment & Big Data


Why the Process is the best Interface between Connected Machines

  • Data driven continuous improvement
  • Cost-benefit analysis of smart equipment & lean construction
  • Human machine interaction

Dr. Lucas Johannes Winter, Managing Director, CONTAKT GmbH, Austria


Making Construction Smarter, Safer and more Sustainable with Computer Vision

  • Generating trustworthy data without friction using autonomous cameras
  • Making data-driven decisions to collaborate with key stakeholders
  • Reducing delays, rework and waste with real-time data
  • Changing the way you plan by means of predictive information

Leo Prieto, CEO, Odd Industries, Chile


Making the Survey Manager Look like a Hero

  • On-site learnings from earthmovers using drone surveys and propeller
  • Combining drone surveys and mixed-fleet machine data
  • The ROI of bringing survey data to field personnel‘s mobile devices

Jan Wouter Kruyt, Director of European Operations, Propeller, The Netherlands


iWin – Glass as Data Carrier

  • Databases, BIM, ERP and the delivery note
  • Tracking is more than traceability
  • The digital twin meets its analog part

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Bittis, International Market Manager, Business Unit Façade, Saint-Gobain Building Glass, France


End of Conference Day One



At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Thursday, December 10, 2020


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair‘s Opening

III. Autonomous & Smart Construction Equipment


Digital Transformation of Earthmoving: Keep the Distance by Digital Assistance

  • Assisted automation in the movement of earth and measurement of terrain
  • Digital transformation; from data to knowledge
  • Digital twinning of processes and remote jobsite management

Karsten Elles, Smart Construction Market Development Manager & Ian De Dobbelaere, Smart Construction, both: Komatsu Europe International, Germany


3D Snapshot Sensor Data for Smart Automation Tasks in Construction

  • Overview & top analysis on 3D snapshot camera principles
  • From 3D camera to 3D sensor: make data useful edge computing
  • Work with analogies: examples from logistics and robotics automation world to construction world, what can be adapted by construction sector?
  • Field examples of 3D data use in construction sector

Dr. Anatoly Sherman, Head of Business Unit 3D Compact Systems, Product Management and Applications Engineering & Dr. Fabian Zimmer, Applications Engineering, both: SICK AG, German


3D Models in Road Construction

  • Opportunities & Challenges
  • 3D point clouds for a 30 km long construction site
  • Creation of 3D model for the entire construction site based on existing data
  • Use case record the performance on the construction site
  • Use of drones and AI technology on the BAB A7 for mass and quantity determination

Dr. Dirk Ebersbach, Managing Director VIA IMC, Germany & Philipp Richter, Project Manager ARGE CJV A7 Bockenem - Göttingen, Germany


Networking & Coffee Break

IV. The Use of Virtual Reality at Construction Sites


Development and Application of an XR Ecosystem for Formwork and Scaffolding

  • Motivation for a construction supplier to go into XR
  • The PERI XR journey and learning curve
  • Latest state of the XR ecosystem, outlook and hands-on

Sven Peper, BIM Manager; PERI Group, Germany


Opportunities in Using Virtual Reality with BIM

  • What does it mean to use VR with BIM?
  • The potential benefits on the triple-bottom-line; cost & time, the environment, and the human factor
  • Use cases of how to get value from using the technology
  • Limitations, and where we are heading with VR, AR, and MR

Rune Vandli, CEO,Vixel, Norway



Start-up Session


Learn about the newest start-ups of the construction industry

  • Machine26 GmbH  Steffen Schweiger & Niklas Fritz, Co-Founders & Managing Directors
  • Technical Connectivity Wear GmbH Tim Weckerlein, Co-founder and Managing Director
  • XenomatiX Karsten Bronowski, Business Development Manager
  • Vemcon GmbH

Andreas Wilde, Product Manager CoPilot Platform

V. Safety on Construction Sites


AI and IoT Serving Safety Working Environment

  • Smart equipment to avoid collisions between vehicles and workers
  • An insight of the safety on your worksite
  • Data can prevent accidents in a long term

Dr. Sabri Bayoudh, Head of Innovation & Jean-Gabriel Pointeau, VP Sales, both: Arcure, France


The Utilization of Smart Equipment in a Hybrid Construction Environment

  • Combining Detection sensors to increase Worker and Operator Safety
  • Advantage of Ground penetration Tools to avoid damage on site
  • Increase efficiency using BIM Models on Machine Operators Displays

Dietmar Bernert, VP & Business Development, Hexagon Geosystems, Germany


Digital Command & Control Center for Worksite Operations

  • Reduction of costs deviations by progress monitoring of the main construction activities
  • Enhancement of workers health & safety by geopositioning, geofencing, alerts and evacuation
  • COVID-19 Management on worksite by contact tracing, infected zones and density monitoring
  • Increase of productivity by connected equipment integration and tasks execution control

Jeremy Fraissinet, Solutions Sales Director, Worldsensing, Spain


Conference Chair‘s closing Remarks


End of Conference

Participants will profit from innovative ideas, best practice examples, case studies, tech presentations and interactive discussion rounds!

The conference will be supported by the expert:

Dr. Oliver Geibig, Acting Managing Director Business Units & Engineering, fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

If you have any questions regarding the conference program or you want to become a speaker at future events, please contact Annick Pauwels.

Who is the VDI Smart Construction Equipment Conference for?

This VDI conference is ideal for managers, senior engineers, senior executives and specialists in construction equipment and mobile machine production, as well as suppliers to the equipment industry and construction companies. The topics discussed will be of particular interest to people working in the following areas:

  • Research & Development
  • Electric & electronics Systems
  • Telematics & driver assistance Systems
  • Software applications
  • Business Innovation & Development 
  • Product Management
  • Site Management
  • Fleet management
  • Construction surveys

Expand your network

In the last three years, we welcomed over 100 participants from the construction industry, so take the opportunity to expand your network with international colleagues and experts!

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Eventnumber: 01KO916

International VDI Conference - Smart Construction Equipment


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