International VDI Conference - Smart Last Mile Delivery Urban Logistics Concepts of the Future

  • Engage in discussions with renowned representatives from industry, science and politics.
  • Exchange ideas and experiences with international experts.
  • Take part in the think box session with start-ups, EU projects and new business ideas
  • Learn about current best practice examples.
Smart Last Mile Delivery | VDI-Conference

The international Smart Last Mile Delivery conference will familiarize you with current solutions for the impending gridlock threatening urban areas. Find out more about the nature of the problems in an interactive way with inspiring discussions at this conference.

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Transforming Parkings into Multimodal intelligent Mobility Hubs
Author: Dr. Iwona Skowronek and Marek Stawinski, NaviParking

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Preventing gridlock

The problem is becoming more acute even in Germany: inner-city areas are being clogged up by a glut of online package deliveries. And rising population density and increasing restrictions on space are exacerbating the issue further. The Smart Last Mile Delivery conference faces these challenges head on and considers innovative, smart and international solutions (Urban Logistic Solutions).

These are the themes of the conference:

  • New business Models - Gaining value Tomorrow
  • Thinkbox: Setting the Scenes of Future LogisticsSolution Concepts – How to tackle Gridlocks
  • Policy, Planning, Interests and Roles - International Cases and Best Practices
  • Solution Concepts from different industries
  • Panel Discussion
  • Solution Concepts of different Industries

Use the evening get-together to maintain and expand your professional network.

The conference is accompanied by the workshop " International VDI Workshop - Blockchain in Logistik – Business Value Design ". Book those two events together and secure yourself a discounted package pricing.

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Program of the Conference

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Registration & welcome coffee


Chair’s welcome and opening address

Horst Manner-Romberg, Managing Director, MRU GmbH, Germany

I. New Business Models – Gain Value Tomorrow


Setting the Scene of Future Logistics

Optimisation of the last Mile with a click & collect Locker

Gunnar Anger, Managing Director, Parcellock GmbH, Germany

New Mobility Services: Multi-tasking Trips to reduce Congestion and maximise Efficiency

Timothy Durant, Senior International Project Officer, Vectos, UK

How the AI can improve my Field Operations

Xavier Ruiz Royo, Route Success Officer, Smartmonkey, Spain

Transforming Parkings into multimodal intelligent Mobility Hubs

Marek Stawinski, CEO, Co-author: Iwona Skowronek, CXO, both: NaviParking Sp. z o.o., Poland

RULS - Realtime urban logistic System

Mathias Thomas, CEO, Dr. Thomas + Partner GmbH, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Tackling the urban Logistics Challenges – An evolutionary Approach

  • Market potential and last mile situation in Germany
  • The initial concept and the challenges
  • The evolutionary approach – how does it work?
  • The journey (permanent adjustments, digitalization, e-commerce and local shopping platform, infrastructure for other services and products)
  • Vision for the future

Markus Ziegler, Division Manager, pakadoo, LGI Logistics Group, Germany


Digitalisation and the Supply Chain of the Future

  • Digitalisation and consumers changing expectations
  • The evolving supply chain and its impact on future distribution (– with key examples of industry influences and delivery models)
  • Amplifiying the digital opportunity as a tool to reimagine the supply chain
  • Delivery options consumers desire with an example of UK’s most demanded: Click & collect

Sebastian Steinhauser, Managing Director & Founder, Parcelly, UK



II. Solution concepts – How to tackle Gridlocks


E-Mobility for the last Mile

Speaker, tba


How Location based Services enable new Delivery Experiences

  • From the last mile to the final meter
  • Connected AR and Machine Learning
  • HERE open location platform
  • Outlook: Enabling the future of autonomous fleets

Christoph Herzig, Director Product Maagement, HERE Technologies, Germany


Zity: The greenest last Mile

  • The carsharing sector and the journey for delivering Zity
  • Description of the operational model
  • Key elements that provide a competitive edge
  • Highlighting insights and pointing to further developments and additional actions in the mobility arena

David del Rio Vilas, Ferrovial, Alejandro Astibia Bruno, Innovation Manager, Ferrovial Services, Marino Caballero Izquierdo, Business Development Manager, Zity, Spain


Using delivery Robots on the last Mile

  • Today’s autonomous robot capabilities
  • Deployment experience after two years
  • The legal situation in Germany
  • Our global footprint
  • Sneak preview of the future

Hendrik Albers, Regional Business Manager von der Starship Technologies GmbH, Germany





At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

III.  Policy, Planning, Interests and Roles - International Cases and Best Practices

Chair’s welcome and opening address

Dr. Gerhard Nowak, Managing Director, PwC Strategy & Partner, Germany


The Efficiency Pitfall – Can we afford green Logistics?

  • Rethinking the role of the municipal administration
  • Target area oriented urban logistics
  • Quality as valued added services in urban logistics
  • Cooperation and collaboration – both need communication

Martin Posset, Innovation & Policy, thinkport Vienna, Austria


Planning for Urban Logistics – Practical Solutions and long-term Policy

  • Defining city and logistics priorities
  • Understanding the issues
  • Key policy trends
  • Examples from London and other cities
  • Success factors

Ian Wainwright, Director and Independent Consultant, Future City Logistics, UK


Smart last Mile Deliveries in Gothenburg

  • Importance of collaborations between the city, the business and academy
  • Regulations and incentives
  • Creating a liveable, green and close knit city

Michelle Coldrey, Project Manager, The Urban Transport Administration, The City of Gothenburg, Sweden


Networking & coffee break


Urban Logistics Plan in Brussels Capital Region

  • Involvement of stakeholders is not optional
  • Benefits of European projects
  • Road charging for HGV’s and on board units
  • Delivery servicing plan’s

Marianne Thys, Head of Freight Cell, Bruxelles Mobilité, Brussels


Sustainable urban Logistics Plan in functional urban Areas: Lessons from the SUPLiTER Project

  • Understanding trends and scenarios of freight transport in FUAs
  • Building governance processes in urban freight
  • Developing SULPs as part of SUMPs
  • Case study from the SUPLiTER project: Metropolitan City of Bologna

Giuseppe Luppino, Senior Project Manager, Elenora Tu, Institute for Transport and Logistics, Italy


Smart Santander: Innovating in the urban Ecosystem

  • Internet of Things and its paramount role in today’s and future cities
  • Technology, services and the citizens in the urban ecosystem
  • Co-creating the cities of the future
  • Data market place

Luis Muñoz, Professor, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain




Who will be the mayor Players? What Interests do these Players have? Who will set the Rules? What are the next Steps?

Moderator: Nomo Braun, Principal Public Management, agiplan, Germany

Edwin Merman, Senior advisor international affairs, Province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands

Markus Schmermund, Vice President Intralogistics Solutions LMH EMEA, Linde Material Handling GmbH, Germany

Martin Posset, Innovation & Policy, thinkport VIENNA, smart urban logistics lab

Gerd Seber, Group Manager Sustainability & Innovation, DPD Deutschland GmbH

Frank Weber, National Director, Jones Lang LaSalle SE, Germany

IV. Solution concepts from different industries


Smart intralogistics Solutions for last Mile Challenges

  • E-commerce trends
  • Same day delivery
  • Modern technologies
  • E-commerce and omni-channel distribution centers

Thomas Kaiser, Sales Management Market Sector Food Retail, SSI Schäfer, Germany


Smart last Mile Solutions from a CEP Provider’s Point of View

  • Last mile’s challenges of a CEP provider in inner cities
  • Digital last mile: Optimised operations and enhanced service offers
  • Alternative vehicles and micro depots in the cities
  • Future perspectives: Pickup points, autonomous driving, crowd delivery and more

Gerd Seber, Group Manager Sustainability & Innovation, DPD Deutschland GmbH, Germany


Autonomous Machines in Logistics

  • Artificial intelligence: Computer vision, language processing, decision-making
  • Autonomous machines: Drones, cars and other robots
  • Logistics and smart delivery business cases for autonomous machines
  • Natural Human-Machine Interaction
  • Horizontal technologies and skillset for autonomous machines. Why drones first?

Pedro Faria, Business Manager of AKKA Research Benelux, AKKA Technologies, Belgium


Conference chair’s closing remarks


End of conference

Who should take part

The conference is aimed at:

  • Producers of last mile delivery vehicles
  • OEMs and suppliers of commercial vehicles
  • Users of last mile delivery vehicles
  • Couriers, Express & Pacrcel delivery service providers
  • Intralogistics solution providers
  • End users (e-commerce, retail, fast moving consumer goods…)
  • Public sector

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International VDI Conference - Smart Last Mile Delivery Urban Logistics Concepts of the Future


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Eventnumber : 01KO931

International VDI Conference - Smart Last Mile Delivery Urban Logistics Concepts of the Future

Take advantage of the block of rooms we have reserved for guests at the event location. Please list VDI Wissensforum as a reference when making your hotel booking.

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