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Understanding Software Process Models

The Online Training "Basic Knowledge for Software Processes" is part of our new Online Technical Course "Automotive Software Project Management". Learn more about this new format.

Understanding Software Process Models | TOC Automotive Software Project Management

In the VDI Understanding Software Process Models Online Training you will learn about different approaches that support you in the structuring and coordination of automotive software projects. Completing this Online Training will allow you to define various process models and help you distinguish between classic and agile approaches, enabling you to choose and apply the right one for your project.

Choose the right approach for your automotive software project from the outset

Various approaches and models present different ways of managing projects. However, there are very specific requirements for the management of automotive software projects. This means that special software engineering parameters must be considered to overcome the challenges presented in automotive IT projects. In doing so, different process models fulfill various project requirements. In this 30-minute Online Training on Understanding Software Process Models you will learn about how to choose the right approach for your software project and what you need to pay attention to when implementing it.

This interactive online training will give you an overview of the key terms and basic concepts of software engineering, which will allow you to ascertain the complexity of your software projects from the outset. Starting with the ‘waterfall model’, you will learn about classic and agile software development processes, such as SCRUM or ‘eXtreme programming’, as well as the methods and tools available to you and how to apply them. You will also find out about the possibilities and the limitations of various process models, in order to help you choose the right ones to meet your project requirements.

Combine further Online Training modules and become a VDI-certified Professional

Understanding Software Process Models is part of the Automotive Software Project Management digital Technical Online Course, which consists of 10 Online Training modules. The course will give you an understanding and help you to professionally manage agile software projects involving connected vehicles. You will learn about relevant process models for software development and how to apply them. Once you have completed all 10 Online Training modules and have passed the exam, you will be awarded the VDI-Certified Professional for Automotive Software Project Management certificate.

Technical themes in the usual VDI quality – now digital and interactive!

  • Experience and learn about technical themes based on practical examples and scenarios
  • Advance your personal motivation with Serious Business Gaming
  • Take advantage of short and compact learning units that can easily be integrated into your daily work

Learning objectives for the Understanding Software Process Models Online Training:

  • Key terms and basics of software engineering
  • Learn about software process models in detail and be able to differentiate between them
  • Project-oriented selection of the necessary process model
  • The correct application of classic and agile approaches to the development of software

Who should take part?

The VDI Wissensforum Automotive Software Project Management Online Course and its Understanding Software Process Models learning unit is aimed at professionals and managers in the automotive industry, who work in E/E systems and software development. In particular:

  • Professionals and managers in E/E systems
  • E/E system development engineers
  • Project leads and project managers
  • Organization developers
  • Employees in software and consulting companies

Who has created this learning unit?

Dr. Mirko Conrad has developed the content of this learning unit and has worked on the concept for this online module. He is CTO und Functional Safety Consultant at the engineering consultants samoconsult GmbH and is also guest lecturer in information technology at the Technical Universities of Dresden and Munich. His research areas include, amongst others, automotive software engineering, functional safety as well as model-based development and testing.

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Understanding Software Process Models

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Eventnumber: 01DP007

Understanding Software Process Models

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