International VDI Conference - Spare Parts Management

  • Benefit from use cases and know-how of renowned experts like Marijan Jozic of KLM, who will focus his keynote speech on obsolescence management and new standards
  • Learn how to increase the product life cycle of your machines and address obsolescence
  • Optimize your supply chain management
  • Visit the VDI Maintenance – Predictive Analytics for Intelligent Asset Management conference taking place at the same time at no additional cost.
  • Use the interactive World Cafés and the evening get-together to make contacts above and beyond your field and expand your professional network.
Spare Parts Management | VDI conference

The international VDI Spare Parts Management conference brings together experts from science and industry to discuss the newest developments in spare part management. The event is aimed at facility operators as well as spare part providers. Amongst others, themes such as obsolescence and supply chain management, after sales services, contracts and logistics will be focused upon. Numerous examples from renowned international companies will show what matters most in practice when it comes to spare part management.

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Migrating towards end to end control towers – Providing visibility and enhanced decision making
Author: Patrick Haex, Carlo Peters, Henry van den Born, BCI Global

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Internationally renowned companies share practical experiences

Obsolescence has become increasingly important in recent years. It is more and more often the case that companies run the risk of no longer being able to source urgently needed spare parts for their facilities. This is particularly applicable to electronic components. A machine failing because of a missing part can generate immense costs. That’s why well-functioning obsolescence management is strategically important for the economic success of a company. The VDI Spare Part Management conference will show you what you need to be aware of in order to ensure a quick and lasting supply of spare parts.

Leading companies such as KLM, Vanderlande, Valmet, Outotec or Baxter Planning Systems as well as universities including the Economic University of Rotterdam will present practical examples of spare part management. Interactive World Cafés will allow you to discuss various questions about after sales services and logistics. Furthermore, you’ll gain insight into the possibilities offered to spare parts management by data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Registration & welcome coffee


Chairs welcome & opening adress

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Heinbach, Managing Director, GMP German Machine Parts GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

I. Obsolescence


Tentacle #8 - In the Grip of the Octopus!

  • Introduction of tentacles 
  • Obsolescence
  • The rule of three 
  • Mitigation strategies 
  • Arinc - 662.....

Marijan Jozic, B.Sc., Development Leader, Component Services, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, The Netherlands


Obsolescence - The growing Risk for Spare Part Availability 

  • What is obsolescence and why does it affect business 
  • The main drivers of obsolescence 
  • Communication and standards to manage obsolescence
  • Risk evaluation and supplier contracts 
  • Professional handling of product change notifications

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Heinbach, Managing Director, GMP German Machine Parts GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


New Approaches to End-of-Life and Obsolescence Management

  • Approaches were developed for consumer electronics and aerospace companies 
  • New spare parts demand forecast methods using installed-base information 
  • Improved final buy decisions using swap options 
  • Supplier defection risks can be forecasted through ERP data

Prof. dr. ir. Rommert Dekker, Professor of Quantitative Logistics, Dept. of Econometrics, Co-author: Dr. Christiaan Heij, Assistant Professor, both: Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Networking & coffee break

II. Product Life Cycle Management


Effective Master Data Management required to secure successful Maintenance and Spare Parts Management 

  • Maintenance system data content including spare parts information 
  • Proper systems content and spare parts solutions secure high parts availability 
  • Product changes and upgrades during the lifetime of the production line 
  • Related services to complement the above

Ismo Katila, M.Sc., Global Sales Director, Performance Parts, Valmet Technologies Inc., Finland


Smart Spare Parts Management within the Scope of Smart Maintenance

  • The fear of unplanned downtimes often leads to excessive warehousing 
  • Challenge: How to reduce stocks to a plant-specific minimum amount? 
  • Approach: Availability-controlled smart maintenance and algorithms 
  • Impact: Reduction of capital costs as a result of a smart spare parts management 
  • Practical example of a customer

Falk Pagel, MBA., Managing Director, IAS MEXIS GmbH, Germany




Additive Manufacturing and Applications to the Spare Parts Business

  • Purchasing process, application areas & target 
  • Use Case: Engines 
  • Supply Chain Management & Services

Rosario Sommante, Manager Strategic Purchasing – Parts Supply - WGLS, Wärtsilä, Italy

III. Supply Chain Design


The Virtual Spare Parts Library – enabled by 3D Printing

  • Digital Spare Parts Management
  • Traditional Stock vs. On-Demand Manufacturing
  • Printing with Composites and Metal
  • Secondary benefits along Supply Chain

Oliver Hoffmann, Strategic Sales Director - Central Europe, Markforged Inc, Germany


Networking & coffee break


The Transformation of Oerlikon Manmade Fibers’ Spare Parts Panning and Warehouse Footprint in order to increase Customer Satisfaction and drive Sales 

  • Supply chain vision 
  • Achievements from the introduction of a material requirement planning software
  • Dynamic network planning

Manuel Haid, Executive MBA, Head of Global Service Fulfillment, Co-author: Sebastian Skirl, B.A., Senior Supply Chain Manager, both: Oerlikon Barmag, Germany


Maintenance- and Spare Parts Supply of high Performance Logistics Centers 

  • Why is maintenance- and spare parts supply for high performance logistics centres important?
  • How to implement excellent maintenance- and spare parts supply 
  • What does it consist of?

Frank van Schijndel, Manager Global Spare Parts, Vanderlande, The Netherlands


Summary of the first conference day

Get Together

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Chairs welcome & opening adress Building a world wide distribution system for spare parts

Hans Christian Siegert, Managing Partner, dr. schaab + partner gmbh, Germany


World Cafés on Aftersales Services & Logistics:

  1. IT optimized demand planning and material planning for spare parts
    Olaf Dulz, Senior Management Consultant & Partner, dr. schaab + partner gmbh, Germany
  2. How to improve the customer journey
    Oğuz Saygi, Senior Service Operations Manager, Vaillant Group, Germany
  3. How to identify the right price
    Martin Brändström, Sevice Product Manager, Outotec
  4. How to design a service contract for high performance logistics centers
    Carlo Peters, Principal Consultant, Buck Consultants International, The Netherlands

Networking & coffee break


Service Supply Chain Planning: Specialization = Optimization

  • Buyers buy, expeditors expedite, why do we ask planners to wear so many hats?
  • How do best in class service organizations define supply chain planner responsibilities to drive higher levels of optimization? 
  • How can algorithmic supply chain planning enable logistics teams to drive supply chain excellence?

Phillip Kennedy, B.Acc., President, Baxter Planning, Texas, USA


Building Service friendly Supply Chains using new Technology and advanced Analytics 

  • How aggregating and using data from multiple business groups can create new ways to manage parts supply chains
  • Using predictive analytics and adaptive business rules to treat every order on its own merit and find the best solution per customer rather than “one-sizefits all”
  • Drive reduced supply chain costs whilst improving Service CSAT
  • Case studies from Medical Device and High Technology companies

Oliver Lemanski, Managing Director, OnProcess EMEA, UK



IV. Pricing and Future Trends


Spares and Wear Parts Value based Pricing – Is it worth the Effort? 

  • Value based pricing of simple mechanic spare parts
  • Communication of value based pricing methodology to front-line sales 
  • Outotec value based price journey – lesson learned.

Martin Brändström, M.Eng., Service Product Manager - Flotation Services, Outotec, Finland


Material Services Market Trends and Solutions in the Aviation Industry - and Beyond

  • Outsourcing, used and surplus parts, digital transformation, additive manufacturing, aircraft leasing, consolidation 
  • Strategic positioning - Performance based services as integrated services solutions 
  • Comprehensive portfolio - Material support and services portfolio based on individual customer needs 
  • Innovation focus - Innovative Additive Manufacturing material solutions 
  • New material services market structure – Material integrators realizing economies of scale, scope and density as well as transaction cost reductions

Dr. rer. pol. Jörg Rissiek, Vice President – Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management, Satair (Airbus Services Company), Germany


Visionary – Block Chain for Spare Parts

  • Managing second and third life uses of parts
  • Certification processes
  • Approval process

Roger Campbell, B.Sc. Logistics, Head of Service Solutions Intralogistics, Linde Material Handling GmbH, Germany


Conference chair‘s closing remarks


End of Conference

The conference program with exceptionally relevant topics was put together with the support of internationally renowned experts:

  • Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Heinbach, GMP German Machine Parts GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Hans Christian Siegert, Dr. Schaab + Partner GmbH
  • Markus Schmermund, Linde Material Handling GmbH

Who is the VDI Spare Part Management conference for?

This VDI conference is a strategically oriented event for professionals and management who work in spare part management, particularly in the following Areas:

  • Purchasing
  • Spare part management
  • Supply chain Management
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • After sales services
  • Product Management
  • Sales & Marketing

Free entry to “Maintenance” plus an evening get-together

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