Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment - VDI Workshop

The VDI Workshop "Wastewater Treatment" provides an overview of international developments in the field of wastewater management. Find out what effects the "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDG) formulated by the UN will have on the future of wastewater treatment. During the workshop, you will get acquainted with the basic aspects of wastewater management while at the same time also controversial topics, such as centralisation versus decentralisation, will be discussed.

Opportunities and challenges of water treatment

The United Nations has defined 17 goals in its agenda for sustainable development (SDGs). The 6th goal covers the supply of all people with clean water, as well as the sustainable management of water and access to sanitation facilities. Because worldwide, the major amount of sewage continues to flow into rivers, lakes and oceans untreated.

The international workshop "Wastewater Treatment" shows challenges as well as opportunities that are at hand for wastewater management. The focus is on technologies for wastewater treatment and how valuable chemicals can be recovered for fertilizers or biofuels.

Topics of the international workshop "Wastewater Treatment”

The workshop covers the following topics:

16th May


  • Biogeochemical cycles, their perturbation by anthropic activities and the links with sanitation and wastewater management
  • Centralisation vs. decentralisation
  • Wastewater management in Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Water Management and Sustainable Sanitation
  • Nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment and water pollution control

International case studies, including

  • Sludge drying reed bed plants
  • Water treatment in wetlands
  • Grey water treatment 
  • Recycling systems

Summary: The near future of wastewater treatment in respect to the SDG 6 targets

Who shouId attend the workshop "Wastewater Treatment"?

The workshop is aimed at specialists and executives whose field of work includes wastewater treatment:

  • International experts
  • Research analysts
  • Business development managers
  • Plant engineers and plant managers
  • Operating engineers and project managers

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International VDI Workshop - Wastewater Treatment

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