Urban Mining

Urban Mining - VDI Workshop

The international VDI-workshop "Urban Mining" provides you with a comprehensive overview of the possibilities and opportunities of raw materials recovery and recycling in urban areas. On the basis of case studies, the workshop shows how Urban Mining solutions can be implemented on both a large and small scale.

Efficient use of waste streams in cities

Large cities and municipalities are facing particular challenges in the areas of raw material recovery and recycling. For example, the recycling rate in Amsterdam is only 20%, while the Netherlands as a country has an average quota of over 90%. The reasons for this are diverse. Difficulties in the separation of waste on site, no appropriate waste systems in residential buildings or overloaded traffic systems are just a few of the obstacles municipalities are facing.

Urban Mining can contribute significantly to the solution of these problems. In the workshop, Paul Oostelbos, M.Sc. Chem. Eng., Director of International Business Development at Orgaworld Nederland BV, will present detailed case studies which provide methods and technologies that have proven its worth in practice.

The workshop will be held on the previuos day of the 4th International conference “Energy and Materials from Waste”. If you book both events together, you get a special discounted price.

Content of the Workshop

The workshop ”Urban Mining" specifically deals with the following topics:

16th May


  • Overview of recovery and recycling options
  • Zero Emission/self-sufficiency

Case studies: large scale facilities

  • Closed loop
  • Mechanical & Biological Treatment: Zero Waste Solution

Case Studies: smaller initiatives

  • Zero Emission buildings/boroughs
  • Recycle alternative
  • Containerized systems/smaller equipment

Other aspects

  • Public engagement
  • Architecture
  • Product marketing


Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for the following professional groups in the field of waste management:

  • International experts
  • Research analysts
  • Business development managers
  • Plant engineers, plant operators, operating engineers and project managers 
  • City planners

Secure your place now at the "Urban Mining” Workshop

Would you like to get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of raw material recovery and recycling in cities? Do you want to know which concepts of Urban Mining have proven themselves in practice through case studies? Then register now for our workshop "Urban Mining". If you book both the 4th International conference "Energy and Materials from Waste 2017" and the workshop, you can take advantage of a discounted price.

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International VDI Workshop - Urban Mining

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