Trustable Connected Vehicles – Measureable Security and Privacy for Smart Cars

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Trustable Connected Vehicles - VDI-Workshop

Smart cars have become vital already and their usage will even further increase in the near future. Cars are not only connected to other vehicles but also to infrastructure and to the internet offering new services and enabling new functions. As a matter of fact, these new options evoke new security and safety challenges and threats that will have to be taken into account.

A structured security and privacy analysis is required

Over the last few years a few smart cars have already been attacked by specialists. These attacks can lead to massive safety issues for the passenger as well as for other road users. To avoid such attacks structured security and privacy analyses leading to strong and comprehensive security concepts for future smart cars are required.

During the workshop “Trustable Connected Vehicles- Measureable Security and Privacy for Smart Cars” participants will learn about different approaches of how to analyze the security of cyber-physical systems, about the DEWI security metrics and corresponding case studies and about trustability as a key enabler for IoT. Participants are invited to present their own contributions and all topics will be discussed within the group.

Topics of the Workshop

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction on measurable security
  • Case Study: Security concept enabling efficient and trustworthy wireless SW updates
  • Measurable security and privacy for smart cars
  • Trustability as key enabler for IoT
  • Summary „trustable connected smart cars“

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Who should attend this international Workshop?

This workshop on trustable connected vehicles primarily addresses managers interested in trustable connected smart cars. Also engineers, technologists, IT specialists, IoT experts, suppliers and solution providers from:

  • Automotive industry
  • Car IT industry

will benefit from this workshop.

Benefit from our Package Price: Conference + Workshop

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 (Please note that the number of participants is limited. Registrations and individual parts and segments of the workshop are subject to confirmation. Contributions 5–10 min are appreciated.)

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