IT Security for Connected Off-Highway Machines

Wireless networking and automation of mobile machines can bring about considerable benefits. However, it also entails many IT security risks and challenges that need to be addressed. This workshop provides an overview on latest IT security developments in the off-highway industry. The workshop chair explains IT security solutions and the participants can interactively exchange information with peers. Prior to the workshop, participants have the opportunity to send us their questions to influence the workshop program directly.

Protect the IT of your Off-Highway Machines

With the move towards connected machines and vehicles, the off-highway industry has to handle new challenges and risks. Our international workshop “IT Security for Connected Off-Highway Machines“ on November 30, 2017 in Munich, focuses on important developments in the area of IT security. Moreover, our conference “Smart Construction Equipment” the days prior to the workshop addresses latest digital trends in the Construction Equipment industry.
Besides tangible protection devices, IT security becomes increasingly important. It has been shown that hackers can access the IT of machines and vehicles and manipulate them. During the workshop you will learn more about security requirements, task data management, authentication, signature and other key issues.


Topics of the Workshop

The Workshop “IT Security for Connected Off-Highway Machines“ will cover the following topics:

  • Attack landscape
  • Methodology and best practice in risk analysis, security requirements engineering and security concepts
  • Adaptation for connected/ autonomous off-highway scenarios
  • Security requirements of selected connected/ autonomous off-highway machines use cases
  • Defense-in-depth building blocks
  • Future of connected/ autonomous off-highway machines security

If you want to discuss a specific topic, please send us your suggestions and questions four weeks prior to the workshop. The workshop chair will try to include your suggestions in the workshop and answer your questions.

Who should attend this international Workshop?

This workshop on IT Security for Off-Highway Machines is directed at engineers, technologists, designers and specialists from mobile machine manufacturers, suppliers and solution providers, in particular managers and staff from:

  • Electric and electronics systems
  • IT security architecture
  • Telematics, drivers assistance systems
  • Software development
  • Mobile machine control solutions
  • Communication technologies departments

Benefit from our Package Price: Conference + Workshop

Secure your personal package price by booking the international Conference "Smart Construction Equipment” in combination with the international Workshop the day after the conference “IT Security for Connected Off-Highway Machines”.

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IT Security for Connected Off-Highway Machines

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