System design for advanced CVTs

System Design of Advanced CVTs | VDI workshop

Unique in this form worldwide, the VDI System Design of Advanced CVTs workshop is solely concerned with the integration of continuously variable transmissions (CVT) in electrified powertrains. The workshop covers this topic in detail, looking at everything from the system through to the component level. In the process, you’ll learn about the benefits of CVTs as well as mastering challenges they present when integrated into electrified powertrains.

A ‘stepless’ transmission for the electrified powertrain

Almost all major automotive manufacturers have announced that they are focusing on electric vehicles in the medium to long term. This makes electrified powertrains increasingly relevant. With their ‘stepless’ operation, continuously variable transmissions (CVT) play an important role. The most significant benefit in this case is the high level of efficiency. However, developers are also faced with the challenge of integrating CVTs into electrified powertrains as a result of their influence on the design and dimensioning of other subsystems.

The international VDI System Design of Advanced CVTs workshop will present you with relevant concepts for CVTs as well as control system design and new actuator concepts. Further highlights include innovative design ideas to optimize variators and the electric drive as well as the fundamentals of thermal and electrical management. After this workshop, you’ll be in the position to better determine what you need to look out for when integrating continuously variable transmissions in electric powertrains on a systemic and component level.

This workshop is the ideal accompaniment to the VDI conference “CVT in automotive Applications”. Profit from a reduced combination price if you book both events together.

Contents of the Workshop

A system design approach for CVTs

  •    Introduction to the basics of CVT variator control
  •    Shift speed calibration in relation to drivability
  •    Sensitivity study based on driveline simulations
  •    Impact on other system design parameters

Integrated dynamic system and control design for advanced CVT systems

  •    Introduction - Why co-design for dynamic systems?
  •    Modeling and integration of the physical variator model for co-design
  •    Development of a suitable co-design framework to achieve optimal CVT design
  •    Results and analysis – The impact of integrated design on efficiency, energy, and control
  •    Future work towards multi-level co-design frameworks

Electrified drive system design: towards the integration of variable flux reluctance machines and transmission systems

  •    Towards integrated optimization design
  •    Design of a variable flux reluctance machine
  •    Reduction of energy consumption and transmission ratios with integrated parameters
  •    The effect of volume scaling on a variable flux reluctance machines
  •    Benchmark with the BMW i3 permanent magnet machine

Integrated energy and thermal management systems for CVT-based electrified powertrains

  •    Design of an integrated energy and thermal management system
  •    Cold-start conditions and engine thermodynamics
  •    Waste heat recovery from engine exhaust gases
  •    Waste heat recovery from power electronics, electric machines and CVTs
  •    Fuel efficiency improvement using optimal control

Target audience for the VDI System Design of Advanced CVTs workshop

This VDI workshop is aimed at professionals and management involved in the system design of electrified powertrains who work in the following areas:

  • Powertrain advance development
  • Electric motor development
  • Development of powertrain electronics
  • Transmission development
  • Thermal management
  • Energy management

Your Seminar Leader

Dr. Theo Hofman, Associate Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, will lead the VDI System Design of Advanced CVTs workshop. The institution is renowned for its first-class research in the area of CVTs. Further speakers include Chyannie Amarilliio Fahdzyana, MSc, Caiyang Wei, MSc, and Marius Zuurbier, MSc from Eindhoven University of Technology, as well as Robert Verscheijden, BEng from Bosch Transmission Technology.

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