International VDI Workshop - Towards Data-Driven Agri-Food Business

Towards Data-Driven Agri-Food Business - Workshop

As smart machines and sensors crop up on farms and farm data grow in quantity and scope, farming processes will become increasingly data-driven and data-enabled. Rapid developments in the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing are propelling the phenomenon of what is referred to as Smart Farming. Smart devices enhance conventional tools (e.g. rain gauge, tractor, notebook) by adding autonomous context-awareness using all kinds of sensors, built-in intelligence, capable to execute autonomous actions or doing this remotely.

The world of agri-food business is changing rapidly

This development is further leveraged by combining farm data with other, external Big Data sources such as weather or market data. Data can be used to provide predictive insights in farming operations, drive real-time operational decisions, and redesign business processes for game-changing business models. Data produced at the farm also becomes increasingly valuable within the rest of the value chain leading to new business models and consumer markets.

It is expected that data-driven agri-food business will cause major shifts in roles and power relations among different players in current food supply chain networks. The landscape of stakeholders exhibits an interesting game between powerful tech companies, venture capitalists, small start-ups and new entrants. At the same time there are several public institutions that publish open data, under the condition that the privacy of persons must be guaranteed.

Data and application infrastructures (platforms and standards) and their institutional embedment play a crucial role. A major challenge is therefore to cope with governance issues and define suitable business models for data sharing in different supply chain scenarios.

Workshop Topics

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the general developments in agriculture and data-driven food production
  • Data architecture and standards for interoperability
  • Data-driven business models
  • Governance of data sharing between organisations

The workshop will provide ample opportunities to bring in your own situation but if you want to discuss a specific topic, please send us your suggestions prior to the workshop to georgiou-smithvdide. The workshop leaders will then try to include your suggestions and answer your questions.


We are currently preparing the final program for you. You will soon be able to download it here.

Interactive Customized Format

The workshop has a learning-by-doing character. We will not only provide you with relevant knowledge, but you will also be challenged to apply the acquired knowledge directly to your own situation.

We will begin with an introduction covering the general developments in data-driven agri-food business and illustrate this with an inspiring business case. Then we will introduce an assignment that you will work out in small groups with regular plenary intermezzos under guidance of the workshop leaders. In the last part of the workshop we will reflect on the day by collecting the lessons learned and you will get additional guidelines to continue the work.

Who should attend and what can you get?

This workshop “Towards Data-Driven Agri-Food Business” will be valuable to virtually all players in the agri-food value chain ranging from input suppliers, technology providers, farmers, farm advisory & IT companies, traders, logistic service providers, food processors and retailers that want to make more business out of their data or already made the first steps in this development. This workshop is not about data analysis as such.

You will not only learn about general developments on data-driven food production, but also receive specific ideas, advice and guidelines tailored to your own company’s situation.

Workshop leaders

Dr. Sjaak Wolfert and Marc-Jeroen Bogaardt, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

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