The Tyre Industry and Asia

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international Workshop: Tyre Industry and Asia

The "Tyre Industry and Asia" workshop will acquaint you with the realities of the Asian market. Discover more about the current situation, major players and developments. With the knowledge you acquire during the workshop, you are ideally prepared for future business in Asia.

Get to know and understand the Asian market and its players

The Asian market is becoming increasingly important to manufacturers and suppliers in the tyre industry. However, those who want to successfully operate on the Asian market need to analyse its specificities and realities in-depth.

The "Tyre Industry in Asia" Workshop gives you a better understanding of the tyre industry's market environment in Asia. Specifically, you learn about important players, drivers and influencing factors in Asia. Following a general introduction to the global market situation, the workshop deals in-depth with the current situation as well as important developments in China, India and South-East Asia. The workshop will be held on the day before the VDI Conference "Eurotyre 2016". If you book jointly, you benefit from discounted combined prices.

Content of the workshop

The workshop addresses the following contents in Detail:

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Dienstag, 08. November 2016

Introduction and Global Situation

  • General status of the industry
  • Global markets & growth
  • Growth areas
  • Growth segments

China Tyre Business

  • General status of the industry
  • Main players
  • Key partners
  • Latest developments

India & South-East Asia

  • General status of the industry
  • Main players
  • Key partners
  • Latest developments

Trade, Tariffs and Competitive Situation

  • US tariffs 
    • Car, truck
    • Impact on trade flows
  • Other tariffs

Who should take part

The workshop is aimed at managers, executives and specialists involved in tyre and automotive manufacturing or material supply.

Employees from the following areas are particularly addressed:

  • (Technical) product management
  • Business development
  • Global account management
  • Product line development
  • Corporate strategy
  • Research and Development

Your workshop instructor David Shaw

David Shaw has over 25 years’ experience in the global tyre industry and is an expert on the Chinese tyre industry. He is the owner and Managing Director of Tire Industry Research (TIRes) and regularly advises business leaders and business strategists with regard to the future development of the global tyre industry. Between 2013 and 2015, he also directed the "World Rubber Summit" in Singapore.

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Tyre Industry and Asia

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