Creating the Ultimate Parking Experience – A Design Thinking Approach

Creating the Ultimate Parking Experience

Parking in cities is a hassle. It takes a lot of time, money and nerves and is a disaster for the environment. The VDI workshop “Creating the Ultimate Parking Experience – A Design Thinking Approach” is intended for an audience interested on the last mile experience in a connected and automated car environment. While a fully automated experience is the ultimate goal, this workshop focuses on the various levels of autonomy where user decisions are still part of the game. The audience will co-create the ultimate parking experience based on design thinking methods. Our goal is to create a holistic understanding for an essential component shaping the last mile.

Autonomous Parking – How to make it work?

The autonomous vehicle may be able to drive, navigate, follow streets and stop at red lights. But what happens once it’s ‘arrived at its destination’? It is clear that parking is a necessary last step of the driving process and is a necessary completion of navigation and not a separate process. Find out more about the ultimate and automated parking experience in this VDI workshop. Further challenges related to automated and autonomous driving will be discussed at our 4th international VDI conference “Automated Driving”, taking place after workshop on July 5 and 6, 2017 in Berlin.

For the autonomous vehicle, digitalization of parking spaces is a necessity. In addition, the context of the user must be considered. Combining digital regulations and automatic detection of parking events creates seamless service, allowing an autonomous vehicle to automatically navigate to an available parking space where regulations allow it to stay. In order to autonomously drive, we must plan to autonomously park.

Topics of the workshop

  • Understand the day-to-day pain of parking in cities
    • Deep dive into the existing user experience to carve out the problem
    • Interviews with other attendees for first-hand feedback
    • Identify the main areas of improvement from a user perspective
  • Ideation process for solutions to overcome the problem
    • Brainstorming without limits based on identified improvement areas
    • Synthesis of ideas and creation of roadmap
  • Let’s prototype! What will it look like?
    • Paper prototyping the future of parking
    • Direct user interaction as part of the creation process
  • Wrap up session and feedback


We are currently preparing the final program for you. You will soon be able to download it here.

Who should attend this international workshop?

This workshop on “Creating the Ultimate Parking Experience – A Design Thinking Approach” is directed at engineers, technical managers, product managers, designers and specialists from car manufacturers, suppliers and solution providers, in particular managers and staff from:

  • ADAS/Driver Assistance and Active Safety
  • Prospective Autonomous Driving
  • Electric/Electronics, Software and Car-IT
  • Connectivity/Connected Vehicles
  • HMI Design and Development

Your workshop chairs

  • Christian Adelsberger, CEO & Founder, Parkbob GmbH
  • Ivan Kasanicky, PhD, Head of Data Science, Parkbob GmbH

Benefit from our Package Price: Conference + Workshop

Secure your personal package price by booking the international VDI conference “Automated Driving” in combination with the workshop “Creating the Ultimate Parking Experience – A Design Thinking Approach” the day prior to the conference.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop program or you want to become a speaker at the next event in 2018 contact Katharina Neumann.

Are you interested in promoting your company and products at the international VDI conference Automated Driving? Contact Mariya Petkova for more details.

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Creating the Ultimate Parking Experience – A Design Thinking Approach

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