Industrial Wearables & Devices –AR/VR Applications and Technologies

  • See best practice examples of how other companies are successfully applying technologies such as wearables, tablets, mobile devices.
  • Benefit from high level presentations given by international experts.
  • Attend the presentations at the international VDI congress “CESIS – Global Internet of Things” taking place at the same time and venue at no additional cost.
  • Exchange ideas and experiences with the industry and take advantage of the CESIS evening event.
Industrial Wearables & Devices –AR/VR Applications and Technologies

The VDI conference “Industrial Wearables & Devices –AR/VR Applications and Technologies” will give you a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges that the connection of humans and technologies can bring for a variety of industries. Learn about software and hardware solutions, best practice examples and how you can adapt your company to those new challenges. Discuss future developments with renowned experts from the industry and talk to leading providers about possible solutions.

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Higher productivity through connected devices

Higher efficiency, faster decision making processes and fewer mistakes: these are just a few of the benefits that companies can take advantage of by building a connected workforce. That’s why wearables, mobile devices, augmented, virtual and mixed reality applications are steadily increasing in the industry. At the VDI conference “Industrial Wearables & Devices –AR/VR Applications and Technologies”, you’ll find out which requirements need to be met to ensure implementing these applications becomes a success story.

Renowned managers from international companies will present best practice examples from their own businesses. This conference will feature a high level of technical expertise, thanks not least to chairs Christopher Bouveret, CIO and Managing Director of iTiZZiMO AG, and Prof. Dr. Maic Masuch from the University of Duisburg-Essen. Further high-level consultants and presenters at the VDI conference “Industrial Wearables & Devices –AR/VR Applications and Technologies” include:

  • Jay Kim, Chief Strategy Officer, Upskill
  • Paul Sweeney, VP, DAQRI International
  • Andre Schindler, Director of Business Development, TeamViewer
  • Srijanani Bhaskar, Business Development Manager, DuPont Advanced Materials
  • Steve Dann, Co-President London Chapter, VR/AR Association

Who is this conference for?

The target audience of the VDI conference “Industrial Wearables & Devices –AR/VR Applications and Technologies” includes:

  • International Experts
  • Heads of Manufacturing
  • Solution Architects/Principal Architects
  • Project Engineers/Plant Engineers
  • Heads of Industrial Processes
  • Product Managers (IT)
  • Providers of IT Solutions

Expand your network at the joined evening event

The evening event on the first day of the conference is the perfect opportunity to establish new contacts and expand your network. Attendants and presenters from the conference “Industrial Wearables & Devices –AR/VR Applications and Technologies” will come together with attendants and presenters from the international VDI congress “CESIS – Internet of Things” in a relaxed environment. Look forward to a wonderful evening in Munich with entertainment, music and excellent opportunities for networking.

Secure your seat now

You’d like to know how important augmented and virtual reality will be for your company’s future success? You want to learn about solutions that are used in international companies? Then secure your seat now at the VDI conference “Industrial Wearables & Devices –AR/VR Applications and Technologies”.

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