International VDI Workshop - Privacy and Data Protection

VDI Workshop Privacy and Data Protection

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce attendees from all areas of automotive technology, IT and information security to the topic of privacy and data protection. A general overview will be given and issues such as connected car scenarios, privacy aspects in embedded designs, anonymity and endusers as well as automotive apps for mobile devices will be discussed in small working groups.

New automotive cyber security challenges due to increased connectivity

The trend towards connected cars and telematics services is changing the tasks and services of the automotive industry particularly in the area of IT Security. Sensors and cyber physical embedded systems are already producing a large amount of data. Information related to drivers’ profiles, daily routine schedules and geolocation data are of interest to different stakeholders. At our “IT Security for Vehicles” conference, international experts will discuss key questions of automotive cyber security.

Moreover, these new technologies raise many questions in the sensitive but very important area of privacy and data protection. What are the latest legal developments in this field? Who can use individual data such as movement profiles? Do solutions for privacy issues exist? And how does the future for privacy and data protection in a connected world look like? Our international workshop on “Privacy and Data Protection” will cover these and other essential subject.

Topics of the Workshop

The Workshop “Privacy and Data Protection” will concentrate on the following topics: 

  • Legal aspects of privacy and data protection
  • Cloud vs. privacy
  • InfoSec and data privacy
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET)
  • Connectivity, APIs and App Security for PET

Based on the background and number of the attendees, two or three working groups will be created that will discuss either topics of "Testing for Security & Privacy", "Pseudonymity, Anonymity and the Enduser" as well as "Privacy and Usability in UI Design: a contradiction?".

If you want to discuss a specific topic, please send us your suggestions and questions four weeks prior to the workshop. The workshop chair will try to include your suggestions in the workshop and answer your questions.

Who should attend this international Workshop?

This workshop on Privacy and Data Protection is directed at engineers, technologists, designers and specialists from car manufacturers, suppliers and solution providers, in particular managers and staff from:

  • Automotive IT and Engineering IT
  • Cyber Security and IT Security architecture
  • Software development 
  • Electric and electronics systems
  • Telematics and communication technology

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Secure your personal package price

By booking the international Conference “IT Security for Vehicles“ in combination with the international workshops “Privacy and Data Protection” as well as “Secure Programming of Electronic Control Units” taking place the day before and after the conference.