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VDI Wissensforum now offers you the opportunity to further your education anytime and anywhere on digital and mobile platforms. And it certainly will not be boring – interactive game and story based learning concepts allow you to take on a completely new role in every digital training course and online training. This helps you to learn technical material in a playful, application-based and realistic way. You can even tackle complex IT and software challenges and stay desirable in the job market! Find out more in our teaser!

Our Technical Online Courses

Start your first mission now and become an online expert for Automotive Software Project Management.

Technical Online Course (TOC)
Automotive Software Project Management

Educate yourself in this online course VDI certified Professional for Automotive Software Project Management. Book now!

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Our Online Trainings

In addition to the Technical Online Course, we offer you the opportunity to book individual modules of the course in the form of our Online Trainings. Easily acquire specific technical knowledge through Online Training.

Choose from the following Online Trainings and start your new role in the mission:

Online Training
Understanding Vehicle Domains

In this online training, you will learn about the basic terminology, characteristics and relationships in vehicle domains.

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Online Training
Understanding Software Project Management

In this online training, you will learn how to structure and coordinate your automotive software project according to project requirements and also how to ensure success.

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Online Training
Live Simulation - Scrum & Kanban

In this online training you will go through a Scrum simulation, playing the role of the product owner. On the basis of a specific example, you will actively take part in all Scrum...

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Online Training
Ensuring and Assessing Software Quality

This online training will teach you how to use classic & agile approaches as well as testing methods to safeguard the quality of the software in vehicles.

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Online Training
Agile Management of Automotive Software Projects

This online training will teach you agile management of automotive software projects. In the process you will learn how to find and immediately apply the right method for your...

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Online Training
Collaborative Development of E/E Systems

In this online training, you will learn the key terms and connections in the application domain of software-based E/E systems in cars. You will also receive an introduction in...

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Online Training
Requirements Engineering for Automotive Software

This online training will introduce you to the basics of systematic requirement engineering. You will also learn how to create requirement specifications in automotive software...

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Online Training
Understanding Automotive E/E Systems

This online training will teach you about the key terms and basic connections in the application domain of software-based E/E systems in cars.

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Online Training
Understanding Software Process Models

In this online training you will learn about which process models are applied in software development and which classic and agile approaches are suitable for your automotive...

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Online Training
Understanding Challenges of Vehicle Development

In this online training, you will learn about challenges your automotive software project will face as a result of requirement changes and how you can deal with these.

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The benefits of our digital offers at a glance

Individual, specific online training or comprehensive digital courses – Choose the VDI Technical Online Courses that are right for you. Show the further education options and the paths to unlocking your personal potential based on your exact needs.

Use Micro Learning and integrate short and compact online training into your free time during your working day.

Use practice-based VDI digital offers in specialist technical areas and don't compromise on the usual VDI quality. The VDI Certificate for a VDI Certified Professional or Specialist is available digitally upon completion of the course.

Serious Business Gaming: Develope and learn about complex technical and IT themes in a varied, diverse and playful way! This approach can help knowledge intake and retention.

Controlling and analytics involves the key figure-based capture of educational measures and learning progress: track learning progress and strategically follow educational measures.

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Access your VDI Online Training safely

VDI Online Training is available on our learning management system. This is secured by all the necessary safety standards:

  • Server located in Germany
  • Hosting in an ISO 27001 certified data center
  • GDPR compliant

Ready to start? This is how it works

Choose for yourself if you want to book the entire digital course or individual online training elements. You’ll then receive an email with your access code* and can start immediately! Our learning management system (LMS) comfortably and conveniently gives you access to the modules you have acquired and allows you to track your learning progress. You can find more information about VDI learning management here.

After you have passed every module in each particular course, you will receive a VDI Professional Certificate or, if you have combined several Technical Online Courses, you’ll receive the VDI Specialist Certificate. You can download and print these out. Would you like to tell your contacts about your newly acquired knowledge? No problem – you can also easily upload the certificate to social media.

*Access codes are valid for 3 months once you have started the training. The corresponding training must be completed within this time frame. Your access rights will expire after 3 months. When purchasing more than one training, expiry dates are related to individual starting times of the trainings.

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