Becoming a speaker: Our expectations on you and the procedure

There are several ways to actively participate as a speaker in our congresses, conferences, specialist forums and seminars.

  • You can apply with a proposal using our form or – if you have a contact in the VDI Wissensforum – you can approach us directly.
  • You can be actively approached by the responsible product manager for the event in case he has identified you as an expert on a topic. 
  • You can apply through a call for papers

Becoming a speaker at conferences and conventions

The subject and purpose of your paper is clarified together with the product manager who is responsible for the design and content of the event, and in consultation with the specialist manager, sometimes also with an advisory panel of experts. 

The selection of experts is always preceded by an evaluation of the event topic in terms of the participants’ needs. Together with you we would like to give the appropriate specialist answers to the questions of our target group. Your lecture contributes significantly to the professional exchange. We therefore ask you to refrain from conveying advertising information.

Procedure for speakers at conferences and conventions

Further procedure: Following prior clarification of the lecture, we ask you to send us a meaningful lecture title and further brief headwords for the contents. These are published by us in the programme brochure. We ask you to mail us your presentation for the participant documents on site at least 4 weeks before the event. Templates can be found here. 

Approximately 1-2 weeks before the event you will receive a final “check-list” with information about the organisational process on site. We automatically register you as a speaker at the event in advance – so you don’t have to bother. At all congresses, conferences and specialist forums we reserve a call-in allotment for you at the event hotel. Please complete the booking yourself.

After the event, as a special service for our participants we offer to upload your presentation slides and/or summaries to the protected download area. Of course, we only use the documents freely provided by the companies. We ask you personally for this.

Becoming a speaker at our seminars

Our seminars serve the classic transfer of knowledge to engineers and technical specialists. We look forward to implementing the requirement for training at the highest level together with you. With your specialist guidance and support, 6 to 15 participants generally spend 2 days intensively and practically getting to grips with a subject. The aim is for the participants to be able to transfer the knowledge acquired in their work.

Learning together with other specialists in an open seminar, benefiting from handpicked top specialists and following up with the documents you have created for this purpose – that’s what distinguishes our VDI Wissensforum seminars.

Procedure for speakers at further training courses 

  1. Agreement of agenda, objectives and dates with the responsible product manager when applying for the seminar
  2. Approx. 3 weeks before implementation, we need your seminar documents to compile the manual for participants.
  3. Approx. 1 week before implementation: last organisational information to you for preparation
  4. On site: you are accompanied by us, the implementation is in your hands; at the end each participant receives a certificate
  5. We ask you to collect the assessment sheets at the end and send them to us for evaluation. After the event, you receive the accounting forms from us.