Terms and Conditions

1. Accomplishment

These business conditions and terms apply to corporations and individual persons. VDI Wissensforum GmbH, called VDI Wissensforum hereafter, will perform these organisational services according to the scope and type specified in the event descriptions contained in the valid version of each event programme. For exceptional cases, VDI Wissensforum will reserve the right to exchange lecturers and/or to alter the programme sequence.

2. Registration Application and Confirmation 

Any application for registration will have to be addressed to VDI Wissensforum and be made in writing including communication by e-mail, fax or postal services, or else, online under www.vdi-wissensforum.de or www.concarexpo.com. Registration applications will be processed serially according to their dates of incoming mail and will be confirmed in writing. Any ancillary oral agreements will also have to be laid down and communicated in writing. Individual parts or sections of the event cannot be booked unless clearly stated otherwise in the event programme. 

3. Hotel Accomodation and Travel 

If events are organised in hotels we recommend that participants should stay also in this event hotel for reasons of improved social contacts between participants. Participants are asked to kindly make their own hotel room bookings as early as possible by stating “VDI Event” (since there may sometimes be special arrangements agreed with the event hotel). However, participants will not be entitled to have a claim on such special hotel arrangements or free-room contingents 

4. Event Cancellation by VDI Wissensforum 

Participants will not be entitled to demand that a particular event shall be held at a later date or elsewhere if this event had to be cancelled because of illness of the lecturer or seminar leader or because of an Act of God (”force majeure”) or because of any other conditions and/or situations that VDI Wissensforum had not been answerable for. The aforementioned provision is also applicable when VDI Wissensforum has already made a binding commitment to go through with an event based upon the achievement of the minimum number of participants. In case of event cancellation by VDI Wissensforum, there will only be the obligation to refund the participants’ fees paid already. Any other outlays will be refunded only if VDI Wissensforum is answerable for the disruption. VDI Wissensforum will not be held accountable for having chosen a dissatisfactory event venue. VDI Wissensforum will not be liable for the contents of the seminar(s) as they were actually presented during the seminar(s). These will be within the scope of discretion of the seminar leader or lecturer himself/herself. Having chosing a dissatisfactory lecturer or seminar leader may be the only performance short-fall attributable to VDI Wissensforum. 

5. Participants’ Cancellation of Attendance or Requests to Send Substitutes 

Any cancellations by participants shall be made in writing. If a cancellation reaches VDI Wissensforum 14 days prior to the beginning of the event, an administrative fee of € 50.00 plus German VAT will be charged. Any cancellation after this deadline will entail payment of the full participation fee as stated in the invoice. The date of the post stamp or the electronic shipment will be the decisive criterion. In the latter case, VDI Wissensforum will forward the conference documents to participants on request. You can designate a replacement participant free of charge at any time. Please note that the original invoice will then remain valid. In case that the replacement participant does not fulfill the same discount requirements (e.g. VDI membership) the invoice will be corrected. The specifications ruling the cancellation of event attendance will also apply if registered participants fail to be present at the event without prior notification. Such participants will not be entitled to seek recourse by way of abatement, compensation or retaining lien unless their claims will have been assertained by legal actions or will have been deemed to be incontestible by other circumstantial evidence. 

6. Event documents

Comprehensive event documents will be handed out to participants on-site at the venue. Any rights pertaining to these event documents – manuscripts, exercises and case studies – will be held exclusively by VDI Wissensforum. Any copying, digitisation, publication, sales or enabling access by way of download or any other use outside of the event will need the prior agreement by VDI Wissensforum clearly stated in writing.

7. Event fees

Events fees cover all of the event documents, lunch served on every full event day and beverages offered during breaks. Event fees will be understood as net amounts to which will be added German VAT and any other levies or taxes inasmuch as these may arise. 

8. Payment conditions and terms 

Participation fees will be due without any discount after receipt of invoice, no later than 14 days before the start of the event. Participants are asked not to pay until receipt of their invoice. Participants holding an invoicing residence outside of Austria, Germany and Switzerland will kindly pay by credit card. Invoicing will be made electronically. Participants will kindly check whether they really need a printed version of their invoice. 

9. Participation certificate

Each participant of a seminar will receive a certificate of participation. Participants of conferences and congresses will receive such a certificate of participation only on request. 

10. Lieu of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law 

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany with the exclusion of the UN purchasing law will govern the legal relationships between the contractual partners and any issues arising from their contract. The lieu of jurisdiction for legal actions arising through or with this contract will be Düsseldorf, Germany. If any item of the contract  is found to be ineffective or nonimplementable either completely or in part, the remainder of the contract shall remain unaffected by this fact. The ineffective or nonimplementable contract item will be replaced retroactively by that effective item which both parties would have agreed on under economic aspects if they had been aware that this was an ineffective or nonimplementable contract item before contract conclusion. The same procedure shall apply to any gap found in the contract.

11. Agreement for usage of participant photographs and film/video recordings

As part of their participation in an event, the participant hereby agrees to the usage of their image in photographs and film/video recordings made on behalf of VDI Wissensforum free of charge. This is for advertising and marketing purposes undertaken by VDI Wissensforum for similar events, especially in print media, online, on social media and other printed and press materials. Usage of photographs or film/video recordings for any reasons other than those detailed above or for distribution as a result of transferring the images to third parties is not permitted. The only exception is in the case of press releases for events. Speakers, participants and exhibitors are not considered third parties in this particular case.

Furthermore, the participant agrees that photographs or film/video recordings made of them will be digitally stored and processed in future by VDI Wissensforum for the aforementioned purposes.

The participant may object to the use of their image in photographs and film/video recordings for advertising at any time by making a written request to VDI Wissensforum. Upon receipt of this objection, VDI Wissensforum will no longer use the photographs or film/video recordings for advertising and will delete the stored images insofar as the person in question is identifiable.

If a participant does not agree to a photographic or filmic depiction of them at an event, then we would kindly ask them to let us know at the check in counter.

12. Agreement for forwarding of participant lists

The participant also agrees that a list of participants with the information they have provided (name, company, position, contact details) may be forwarded to other event participants and exhibitors in order to facilitate mutual contact. Agreement to the use of information for this purpose can be withdrawn at any time by sending an informal message to VDI Wissensforum.

13. Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Under current law, we are obliged to inform consumers about the existence of the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, which can be used to settle disputes without the need for a court. The European Commission is responsible for the management of the platform. You will find the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

The VDI Wissensforum is not willing or obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

14. Agreement on processing of data

Find all information on the usage of you data here.