3. International VDI Conference - Digitization in the Process Industry 2019

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  • Profitieren Sie vom hohen fachlichen Niveau der Beiträge führender Experten aus den Bereichen IT- und Prozessindustrie.
  • Lernen Sie aus den Erfahrungen international operierender Unternehmen, welche Strategien sich bei der Einführung digitaler Lösungen in der Praxis bewährt haben.
  • Tauschen Sie sich mit Kollegen und Experten aus und erweitern Sie Ihr Netzwerk.
Digitalization in the Process Industry | VDI-Konferenz

Lernen Sie auf der VDI-Konferenz von den Top-Experten der Branche, welche Chancen die digitale Transformation für die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie eröffnet. Sie erfahren anhand von Anwendungsbeispielen, wie renommierte internationale Unternehmen bereits heute digitale Lösungen im Kontext von Industrie 4.0 und dem Internet of Things (IoT) erfolgreich einsetzen. Dieses Wissen hilft Ihnen, eigene Strategien für Ihr Unternehmen zu entwickeln, um von der digitalen Transformation zu profitieren.

Kostenloses Whitepaper zur Veranstaltung zum Download

Breaking the mold - Unleashing the power of convergence in the chemical industry
Autor: Michaël Kolk, Marijn Vervoorn, Marc de Pater, Koji Uchida, Principal Chemicals

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Die Chancen der digitalen Transformation nutzen

Mit der digitalen Transformation kommen gravierende Änderungen auf die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie zu. Die zunehmende Digitalisierung wird die Geschäftsmodelle der Prozessindustrie entscheidend beeinflussen. Dies eröffnet neue Chancen, stellt die Unternehmen jedoch auch vor Herausforderungen, z.B. bezüglich IT-Sicherheit und Datenschutz. Die Konferenz „Digitalization in the Process Industry“ bringt hochrangige Experten aus beiden Bereichen – der IT- und der Prozessindustrie – zusammen, um diese Themen zu diskutieren und gemeinsam tragfähige Zukunftsstrategien zu entwickeln.

Sie lernen auf der internationalen VDI-Konferenz „Digitalization in the Process Industry“ u.a., welche Innovationen die digitale Transformation im Anlagenbau und -betrieb mit sich bringt. Podiumsdiskussionen und Round Tables sorgen für eine interaktive, kommunikative Atmosphäre.

Themen der Konferenz

Die internationale VDI-Konferenz „Digitalization in the Process Industry“ setzt u. a. folgende Schwerpunkte:

  • “Thinking Digital” to “Doing Digital” – Updates on Digital
  • Transformation Applying Artificial Intelligence in the Process Industry 
  • Utilizing Virtual Reality Solutions – From Theory to Actions 
  • Becoming resilient to Digital Threats 
  • Use Cases and Lessons Learned from the Industry

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address

Dr. Henrik Hahn, Chef Digital Office & CEO, Evonik Digital GmbH, Germany


Speed Networking

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I. Updates on Digital Transformation


Assessing the Digital Plant Maturity – Challenges and Opportunities

  • Importance of assessing the digital maturity of production sites
  • Current approaches and tools
  • Challenges related to the assessment process
  • Interpretation and utilization of results
  • Recommendations from industry perspective

Dr.-Ing. Florian Lindner, Expert Digital Manufacturing; co-author: Dr.-Ing. Steffen Nienke, Expert Digital Manufacturing, Bayer AG, Germany


Regulatory Operations & QHSE – The Digital Way

  • Impact of regulatory operations and QHSE readiness on product time to market
  • World of manual processes and disconnected systems that do not keep pace with today‘s business reality
  • So, where do you start? How do you transform these critical areas, as part of your digital transformation journey?

Ed Van Siclen, VP, Vault Platform Strategy & Business Development, Veeva, USA


Data Democratization as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation

  • Role of data in digital transformation: A framework
  • Three pillars of a data-enabled organization: Technology, processes, people
  • On the road to data democratization: Lessons learned

Dr. Olivier Maugain, Corporate Analytics & Digital Technology Lead, Henkel, The Netherlands


“Thinking Digital” to “Doing Digital” – Tackling the Transition from Tryout to Implementation

  • Digital initiatives as a cluster of prototype tryouts
  • Transition towards implementation mode; speed-up by collaboration
  • Tomorrow’s customer benefits
  • Challenges to leverage full digitization potential

Dr. Anne Bendzulla, Digital Officer, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Germany



II. Applying Artificial Intelligence


Applied Artificial Intelligence in the Process Industries

  • Specific challenges and requirements
  • Modelling, engineering, and operation use cases
  • Autonomous systems and human-AI collaboration

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Leon Urbas, Head of Chair PCS & PSE Group, TU Dresden, Germany


Self-creation of Artificial Intelligence for Process Optimization in Practice – Operating Use Cases & how to scale

  • Fully autonomous closed loop solution in practice – Impact and learnings
  • Self-creation of AI in-house – State of knowledge and methodology
  • Scalability across assets, plants, sites globally – Roll-out acceleration
  • Hints and tips from practical implementation

Dipl.-Ing. MBA Robert Feldmann, Senior Expert, Digital and Analytics in Manufacturing, McKinsey & Company, Germany


Artificial Intelligence in the Process Industry – Learning from the State of the Art in Life Sciences

  • Life Sciences are leading in AI applications – Other industries can benefit
  • Extrapolate from today’s known AI use cases to introduce AI to the process industry
  • Three “must-win battles” in AI for process industry leaders

Dr. Michaël Kolk, Partner & Global Practice Lead, Arthur D. Little and Dr. Michael Eiden, Associate Director, Arthur D. Little Digital Problem Solving, The Netherlands


Networking & Coffee Break


Panel Discussion

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the Process Industry – Criteria for Success


The Digital Divide – What Skills do we need to transform the Process Industry?

The process industry is rapidly changing and digital skills are increasingly becoming a requirement for innovation. But what exact skills do we need? And how do we get the right talent to further develop our industry? LinkedIn provides insights into the development of digital skills, showcases current trends and gives advice on how to ensure we are future-ready.

Alexandra Kolleth, Member of the DACH Management Board – Head of Marketing Solutions, Heike Burr, Account Director LinkedIn Marketing Solution, LinkedIn, Germany


End of Conference Day One



At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

III. Data Security & Cybersecurity


Cyber Security in Process Industries

  • Current state of cyber threats in the industrial sector
  • Upcoming changes in cybersecurity directives
  • Turning theories into practice
  • Asset management and cybersecurity

Patrik Olssen, Head of Group Security, CSO, ÅF Pöyry, Sweden


Becoming resilient to Digital Threats: The ESTEP Approach for the Steel Industry

  • The ESTEP Smart Factory Roadmap as a tool to provide the vision and the R&D lines for the European steel industry
  • Depicting a “good enough“ approach to cybersecurity for the steel industry: The OT issue as an example
  • The ambition to quantitatively define the baseline and the evolution to cybersecurity: The ESTEP Questionnaire in cooperation with the key players

Prof. Ing. Costanzo Pietrosanti, Chairman Smart Factory Focus Group, ESTEP, Belgium & Danieli Automation SpA, Italy


Adversarial Machine Learning: How to fool industrial IoT and AI Systems

  • What are adversarial attacks and how & why they work?
  • What’s so remarkable about these attacks?
  • Potential risks to intelligent systems embraced in industrial settings
  • Is it inevitable and how to develop defense?

Veysel Kocaman, Principal Data Scientist, yDataLabs, The Netherlands


Networking & Coffee Break


Clean Algorithms in dirty Processes

  • Application of data-based models in solids processing
  • How to join „real“ process expert knowledge with „virtual“ plants
  • Challenges, examples and success stories

Dr.-Ing. Martin Weng, Managing Director, aixprocess GmbH, Germany

IV. 5G as a Key Enabling Technology


How 5G will accelerate Industry 4.0 Technologies

  • 5G and its importance for industry applications
  • Current status and next steps in 5G development and integration into process industries
  • Identifying the pressing challenges as well as the greatest opportunities in implementing 5G

Speaker tba



 V. Round Table Session


Interactive Round Table Discussions in small Groups on different Topics

1. AI in Process IndustriesAnother Hype or real Performance Booster? Dr. Martin Winter, Innovation Manager/Innovation Policy, Cefic, Belgium

2. How can B2B Marketplaces improve the Sales & Marketing of industrial Goods? Sebastian Brenner, Managing Director, CheMondis GmbH, Germany

3. Utilizing VR Solutions in Process Industries – From Theory to Actions Kai Vikman, COO Process Industries Division, ÅF Pöyry, Finland

4. IIoT for Brownfield and Greenfield – Exploring the Use and Benefit Thomas Dhollander, CTO & Co-founder, TrendMiner, Belgium and more...


Networking & Coffee Break

VI. Real World Use Cases


Practical Use Case Analysis from the pharmaceutical Industry

Speaker tba


The Digitalization of the Maintenance Manual

  • Importance of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) solution
  • Data collection from sensors for an effective preventive maintenance
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling) integration in the facility management
  • Case studies and project applications with an open source software solution

Dr. Alessandro Pasqualini, Sales Manager, Tecnoteca Srl, Italy


Conference Chair’s closing Remarks


End of Conference

Wer teilnehmen sollte

Die VDI-Konferenz „Digitalization in the Process Industry“ richtet sich an Fach- und Führungskräfte sowie Projekt- und Prozessingenieure der chemischen und pharmazeutischen Chemie ebenso wie an IT-Unternehmen, die digitale Lösungen für die Prozessindustrie anbieten. Zur Zielgruppe gehören u.a.:

  • Internationale Experten
  • Business Development Manager
  • Data Analysts
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs) und Chief Data Officers (CDOs)
  • Anlagenbauer aus der Prozessindustrie

Rahmenprogramm der Konferenz

Alle Teilnehmer der Konferenz sind am ersten Veranstaltungstag zu einer exklusiven Abendveranstaltung eingeladen. Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, um mit anderen Fachleuten in ungezwungener Atmosphäre ins Gespräch zu kommen. 

Vertiefen Sie zudem Ihr Wissen in einem unserer Workshops vor der Konferenz am 4. November 2019 “Digital Leadership Excellence – Challenging People to Drive your Digital Transformation Successfully” oder nach der Konferenz am 7. November 2019 “Continuously Improve operational Excellence through the Democratization of advanced Analytics”. Profitieren Sie von einem reduzierten Kombipreis, wenn Sie die Konferenz und die Workshops zusammen buchen.

Erfahrene Konferenzleitung und hochkarätige Referenten

Chairman der VDI-Konferenz „Digitalization in the Process Industry“ ist Dr. Henrik Hahn, Chief Digital Officer von Evonik.

Jetzt buchen

Sie möchten wissen, wie sich die digitale Revolution auf die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie auswirkt? Sie wollen von anderen Unternehmen lernen, die digitale Lösungen bereits erfolgreich einsetzen? Dann sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihren Platz auf der VDI-Konferenz „Digitalization in the Process Industry“.

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