International VDI Conference - Automation and Robotics in Agriculture

Robotics in Agriculture

The VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is designed to provide you with an overview and update of the automation market and will look at the challenges, opportunities and developments in robotic technology that will affect the industry over the next years. In a series of interactive round tables and panel discussions you will have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and peers. Discuss relevant case studies and expand your professional network at this integral event for professionals working with automation and robotics in agricultural applications.

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NIR sensors in agriculture
Author: Dr. Ulrich Rubenschuh, DLG Test Service GmbH

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Automation and robotics: a growth industry

Thanks to robotics technology, the agricultural industry has made substantial advancements in recent years. This is particularly the case in areas such as livestock, where up to a third of farmers rely on robot-supported systems. From automated cleaning and milking to quality control of milk, for example, robotics has become an integral part of the livestock industry.

There is still great potential for future growth and further adoption of automatic systems in agricultural production. For example, robot technology has only just broken ground in plant cultivation. But considering the options for automatic harvesting, weeding, cutting, sowing, spraying, sorting and packaging, it is clear that there is still a long way to go, with a great deal of opportunity along the way.

The VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is the ideal event in which to discuss the current market situation as well as the potential for future opportunities. Find out about the benefits and challenges automation and robotics present and see which solutions can be deployed in your business. Get together with international colleagues and industry experts and learn from one another to further your own development.

Conference Key Topics

The VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference will cover the following topics, amongst others:

  • Automation market updates
  • Robot technology and solutions – present and future
  • Data management and farm management systems
  • Case studies and best practice examples, including: livestock, using drones and implementing robots
  • Technological benefits and disadvantages – tackling the challenges

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Address

Prof. Ole Green, CEO, AGROINTELLI, Denmark


Speed Networking | Make the most of this networking opportunity by participating in these quick and effective 1-to-1 interactions. Get to know the other attendees and exchange your business cards.

Automation meets Agriculture


Automation and Connectivity: The New Way of Farming

  • What is automation and how it impacts farming
  • What is available in terms of technologies nowadays
  • The future of farming: When automation and connectivity meet

Daniel Stuart, Product Marketing Director Europe, Case IH, CNH Industrial Österreich GmbH, Austria


Transforming Automation in Agriculture through Robotics and AI

  • Applying clever automation strategies and deep learning for smart data collection
  • Enabling more advanced treatment and harvesting of high value crops through the use of robotics and AI
  • Successful advances and remaining challenges to wide-scale adoption

Chris Roberts, Associate Director, Head of Industrial Robotics, Cambridge Consultants, United Kingdom


Farming Autonomation: State of the Art Technology today and what the Future holds

  • Current state of autonomy in ag and how it will impact the industry
  • Multi vehicle command and control for production
  • The ongoing developments in localization and environmental awareness

Jeff Ferrin, CTO, Autonomous Solutions Inc., USA



Robotics on the Fields – Part I


Sustainable Intensification of Arable Farming enabled by Automated Implements

  • The use of robots in arable farming anno 2019
  • Robotic as an enabler for precision farming
  • New possibilities in arable farming with robots

Prof. Ole Green, CEO, AGROINTELLI, Denmark


Small Scale Arable Production Systems – Advantages and Challenges

  • From big - bigger to smaller with help of technology
  • Ecology as driver instead of technology
  • Autonomous vehicles in controlled traffic system
  • Experiences with detection of volunteer potato control

Ir. J.A.L.M. Jan Kamp, Team Leader Product and Crop Innovations, Wageningen Research, The Netherlands


Artificial Intelligence in the Detection of Microfauna and Microflora

  • Separating the soil from the components in an automated robotic environment
  • How many and what kind of organisms are influencing development – Think nematodes
  • Automated fertility and chemical measurement ideas
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for treatment methods

Steve Gerrish, CEO, Qmira, USA


Networking & coffee break


Interactive World Café Session

During the interactive World Café Session, we invite you to directly engage with other experts. It is an interactively moderated discussion on different topics. Discuss and identify challenges within your sector as well as problems, needs and solutions. The focus is on the participants – Decide what exactly you would like to discuss and introduce your own experiences and cases.


From Farm to Fork: Automation and the Robot in Agriculture today

  • What innovation looks like today
  • How to scale automation and robotics
  • Do not forget about the software robot
  • Supply Chain Innovation 11 years on – What to start planning for in 2030

Paul Brook, EMEA Director Data Analytics & AI, Dell Technologies, United Kingdom


End of conference day one

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Robotics on the Fields – Part II


Field Agriculture Robots, only for Special Crops ... yet

  • Feedback from 7 years of experience in mechanical weeding robot
  • The place of the field robots in intelligent agriculture systems
  • From FIRA to starting an international group or association about agriculture robots?

Gaëtan Séverac, Co-founder, Naïo Technologies, France


Use of Robots for Harvest Specialty Crops and Economic Impact

  • Why are robots becoming a reality for farming right now
  • The economic impact of the use of robotics for farming
  • State of the art of the robots and different approaches

Juan Bravo, CEO & Founder, Co-Autor: Miguel Angel Vazquez, COO, both: Agrobot, Spain


NIR Sensors for the Determination of Ingredients in passing Liquid Manure – An Example for Infield Application

  • From lab to field: NIRS technology and areas of application in agriculture
  • Development of testing procedures for mobile NIRS precision, mounted on forage harvesters and slurry tanks
  • DLG certification: User acceptance - Recognition by governmental authorities
  • Future outlook: Measurement - Data management & documentation - Sensor data based machine control

Dr. agr. Ulrich Rubenschuh, Project Manager, Test Services for agricultural technologies, DLG TestService GmbH, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Start-up Session

Get in touch with interesting start-ups! You are keen to initiate a new industry collaboration? You are looking for innovative technologies and solutions? Then join our interactive start-up session. Listen to carefully selected start-ups presenting their ideas in a few short minutes. Select the start-up you want to meet and discuss your questions with them directly. Network and brainstorm about new ideas! Represented start-ups will include:

Localized Spraying with Automated Weeds Identification: A Use Case for DeepLearning | Colin Chaballier, General Manager, Carbon Bee Agtech, France

Wireless Charging – A key enabler for 100% Autonomous Operation of Agricultural Robots | Matthieu Ebert, M.Sc., Key Account Manager, Blue Inductive GmbH, Germany

and more...



Animal Automation and Livestock Management – Solutions & Use Cases


Milking Cows with Robots – Challenges and Opportunities

  • Vision systems for teat-finding applications on cows
  • Robot control close to animals
  • Sensors and electronics in the challenging barn environment
  • ...and how to make the cow feel just fine

Björn Wiklander, M.Sc., Technical Manager Robot & Vision, DeLaval International AB, Sweden


Automating Livestock Management Speaker to be announced


Networking & coffee break

Safety Considerations for Employing Robotics


Panel Discussion

Robotics Shaping the Future of Agriculture


Closing Remarks


End of conference

Target audience

The VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is ideal for professionals and management in OEMs and suppliers in the agricultural industry. Amongst others, this conference will be of interest to:

  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers and agricultural equipment suppliers
  • Robot manufacturers and developers with a focus on agriculture
  • Farm and industrial automation companies
  • Software developers and systems integrators
  • Agricultural sensor technology vendors
  • Mobile and field robot vendors (farming and livestock)
  • Robotics start-ups (Hardware and Software)
  • Agricultural robot research organizations
  • Agricultural business consultants
  • Government agencies
  • The investor community

Your expert for the VDI Conference

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Ole Green, CEO from Agrointelli, Denmark will be the conference chair and support the conference with his expertise.

Expand your network and broaden your horizons

This event can be booked together with the Sensors for Off-Highway Machines and HMI in Off-Highway Machines events, which will maximize your benefits and broaden your knowledge in the field. Furthermore, you can expand your professional network at an exclusive evening get-together as well as during the shared breaks, interactive sessions, and presentations.

If you have any questions or need further information please contact Dr.Maria Georgiou-Smith.

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