2nd International VDI Conference - Automation and Robotics in Agriculture

Robotics in Agriculture

SAVE THE DATE – The 2nd international VDI conference on Automation and Robotics in Agriculture will be held in Dusseldorf (Germany) from July 1-2, 2020. The 2nd VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is designed to provide you with an overview and update of the automation market and will look at the challenges, opportunities and developments in robotic technology that will affect the industry over the next years. In a series of interactive round tables and panel discussions you will have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and peers. Discuss relevant case studies and expand your professional network at this integral event for professionals working with automation and robotics in agricultural applications.

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NIR sensors in agriculture
Author: Dr. Ulrich Rubenschuh, DLG Test Service GmbH

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Automation and robotics: A growth industry

Thanks to robotics technology, the agricultural industry has made substantial advancements in recent years. This is particularly the case in areas such as livestock, where up to a third of farmers rely on robot-supported systems. From automated cleaning and milking to quality control of milk, for example, robotics has become an integral part of the livestock industry.

There is still great potential for future growth and further adoption of automatic systems in agricultural production. For example, robot technology has only just broken ground in plant cultivation. But considering the options for automatic harvesting, weeding, cutting, sowing, spraying, sorting and packaging, it is clear that there is still a long way to go, with a great deal of opportunity along the way.

The 2nd VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is the ideal event in which to discuss the current market situation as well as the potential for future opportunities. Find out about the benefits and challenges automation and robotics present and see which solutions can be deployed in your business. Get together with international colleagues and industry experts and learn from one another to further your own development.

  • Automation and Connectivity: The New Way of Farming
  • The Use of Robots in Arable Farming anno 2019
  • Animal Automation and Livestock Management – Solutions & Use Cases
  • Safety for Outdoor Robotics
  • How will the Agricultural Robot Market develop over the next Years?
  • Start-Ups: Transforming the Agriculture Sector

Target audience

The 2nd VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference is ideal for professionals and management in OEMs and suppliers in the agricultural industry. Amongst others, this conference will be of interest to:

  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers and agricultural equipment suppliers
  • Robot manufacturers and developers with a focus on agriculture
  • Farm and industrial automation companies
  • Software developers and systems integrators
  • Agricultural sensor technology vendors
  • Mobile and field robot vendors (farming and livestock)
  • Robotics start-ups (Hardware and Software)
  • Agricultural robot research organizations
  • Agricultural business consultants
  • Government agencies
  • The investor community

Your expert for the VDI Conference

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Ole Green, CEO from Agrointelli, Denmark will be the conference chair and support the conference with his expertise.

If you have any questions or need further information please contact Dr.Maria Georgiou-Smith.

Are you interested in promoting your company and products at the VDI Automation and Robotics in Agriculture conference? Contact ulbrichvdide for more details.

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