4. International VDI Conference - Automotive HMI & Connectivity 2017

  • Expand your knowledge through intensive exchange with experts
  • Find out what kind of user experiences exist
  • Learn more about methods of solutions to improve prevention and detection of Errors
  • Book 1 get 4: Attendees of this Conference can visit three other international conferences free of charge (Automated Driving, IT Security for Vehicles and Digital Infrastructure & Automotive Mobility)
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International Conference Automotive HMI & Connectivity

The Human-Machine-Interface is not only a communication bridge between the driver and the car itself, but it is also a principle connector between the driver and the outside world. Numerous manufacturers and research institutes are constantly developing new technologies to make the driving much safer and comfortable.

The requirements in the market are increasing

In order to remain competitive it is important not to lose the connection to the modern time. Competition monitoring, customer requirements and the knowledge about new technologies in the market are indispensable for manufacturers and research institutes.

Learn more about the newest developments at our international conference

Our international VDI Conference provides insights into today’s challenging and relevant topics:

  • Control Displays and Cockpit Architecture
  • Usability, User Experience and HMI Development Processes
  • Current Status and Latest Development
  • Connectivity and Connecting External Devices
  • Consumer Electronics for Automotive

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Program of the Conference

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Registration & welcome coffee


Opening Speech ConCarExpo at the ConCar Forum Stage:

Autonomous Driving, Digital Infrastructure & Mobility Solutions as Key Drivers for the Automotive Industry

Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer, Volkswagen AG, Germany


Chairs’ welcome and opening address

Dr. rer. physiol., Dipl. Psych. Stefan Becker, Supervisor Global Core HMI, Vehicle Engineering / Interaction & Ergonomics, Ford Werke GmbH, Germany
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner, Managing Director, UniTyLab, Heilbronn University, Germany

I. Control Displays and Cockpit Architecture


Breaking Down the Automotive E-Cockpit Design Challenge

  • Multiple displays – Sharing content between screens, theme similarity, design reuse, multiple rendering pipelines
  • Performance and footprint – Maximizing use of hardware capability to reduce unneeded resource usage
  • Third party content – Safe vs. open environments, safety-critical vs. connected functionality
  • Leveraging embedded chip resources with Altia – Native C code, Layer manager, safety
  • Embedded hardware support

Stephan Häfele, Managing Director, Altia Europe GmbH, Germany


Future of Vehicle Cockpit HMI System and Architecture

  • Our vision for the future cockpit systems
  • System structure
  • Consideration on its computing architecture
  • Key factors: Performance design, software and cyber security

Masashige Mizuyama, CTO Infotainment Business, Panasonic Corporation, Japan


In-Cabin Context Awareness in Automated Vehicles

  • Context as the basis of affective computing
  • Challenges of understanding human behaviors
  • Opportunities for HMI differentiation
  • Towards personalized learning HMIs

Dr. Ignacio Alvarez, Staff Research Scientist, Intel Labs, Intel Corporation, USA


Networking & coffee break


The Road to Autonomous Driving

  • Application of IoT devices – Telematics/tracking
  • Navi solutions for connected mobility
  • Computer annotation – Image processing
  • IoT trend in India

Shivalik Prasad, Executive Director, Business Department, Map My India, India


Paradigm Shift: “Connected Car to Smart Mobility” & Panasonic Silicon Valley Center Concepts

  • Our vision for Smart Mobility
  • System Structure – Smart Cars to Smart Mobility to Smart Cities
  • Consideration on Information Architecture & Personalization
  • Key factors: Benefits for the end users around Contextual Discovery with Actions/Transactions and Federated Security

Hakan Kostepen, Managing Director – Strategy & Innovation, Product, Strategy & Planning, Panasonic Automotive, USA


Lunch & visit of the accompanying trade fair ConCarExpo

II. Usability, User Experience and HMI Development Processes


Automotive UX Design in a Silicon Valley Start Up

  • Rethinking the automotive UX design process in this new age
  • How UX design is critical to building the brand
  • The Lucid Motors working process and examples
  • Reaping the benefits of being in Silicon Valley

Nathan Barbour, Lead UX Designer, co-author: James Felkins, Senior UX Designer, both: Lucid Motors, USA


Personalized Driving Experiences Through Machine Learning – Using CloudMade Learning Solutions to Achieve

  • Better Brand Loyalty
  • Greater Use of In-Car Functionality
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

Juha Christensen, CEO and Co-Founder, CloudMade, USA


Networking & coffee break


Blockchain Technology – An Opportunity not to be missed in Automotive

  • Why Blockchain technology is relevant for automotive HMI & Connectivity
  • How does Blockchain work?
  • Blockchain case studies for Automotive
  • How to get started with Blockchain

Dipl.-Wirt.-Inform. Hardy Gröger, Executive Architect & Client Technology Leader, IBM Deutschland GmbH, Germany


Designing comfortable Interactions in Automated Vehicles

  • Passenger comfort experience as the key user requirement
  • Challenges of enabling Non Driving Related Tasks (NDRT)
  • Compatibility between NDRT and system trust
  • Conceptual design framework for passenger comfort experience in AVs

Dr. Cyriel Diels, Senior Lecturer in Human Factors, Centre for Mobility and Transport, Coventry University, UK


Chair´s remarks


Evening Keynote on the ConCar Forum Stage:

Volvo Cars Development of Autonomous Electrified Vehicles in Cooperation with Uber

Kent Melin, Senior Technical Leader, Electrical System design, Volvo, Sweden


End of conference day one

Get-together with Participants of all parallel Conferences

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and Speakers.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


UX 2020 – 2025: “What’s next?”

  • UX cockpit platform from AD level 2-4
  • Hybrid cloud architecture for personalized and contextualized UX
  • Impact of 5G on UX

Dipl.-Ing. Patrice Reilhac, Innovation Director, Comfort and Driving Assistance Business Group, Valeo, Germany


Creating a Seamless User Experience for the Connected Car HMI

  • Realities of UI & UX design in multi-vendor environments
  • A fundamental challenge: integrating virtualized operating systems and services at the UI level
  • One step further: technologies to enable data and resource sharing across disparate HMIs
  • The big question: can third-party services be integrated into a cohesive user experience while maintaining a consistent automotive brand identity?

Derek Sellin, Director, Product Marketing, Rightware, Finland

III. Connectivity and connecting external Devices – Consumer Electronics for Automotive


Common Interface Architecture for Smartphone Connectivity

  • Smartphone connectivity mechanisms bring in the best of both
  • Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, Baidu CarLife and MirrorLink demanded by automotive OEMs
  • Common interface to the application layer enables smoother and faster integration of smartphone connectivity
  • Define a plug-in based scalable software architecture to provide common easy-to-use Interfaces

Silvy Samuel, B.E. Electronics & Communications, Senior Specialist, Transportation Business Unit, co-authors: Shehan P.R. and and Vinu V.S.,  all: TATA Elxsi, India


Networking & coffee break


eRoaming: New Business Opportunities in Europe’s Digital Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Network

  • intercharge – International interoperable EV charging with maximum transaction cost efficiency
  • New added values that will make EV driver’s life easier
  • Future trends and perspectives

Thomas Daiber, CEO, Hubject GmbH, Germany


User-centered Infotainment Evaluation in the Age of Consumer Electronics

  • Usability testing methods and processes
  • Rapidly changing software and design requirements
  • Alignment of user testing with software and hardware development processes

Dr. Rami Zarife, Senior HMI Engineer, Infotainment & Telematics,  Adam Opel AG, Germany

IV. Assistant and Autonomous Driving


Highly Automated Driving – Components for Driver Vehicle Interaction

  • User centered design process: Challenges and requirements
  • Driver vehicle interaction: Concept overview and selected components
  • Central input device: User centered design and technical concept
  • User perspective: First user clinic findings

Dipl.-Psych. Bettina Leuchtenberg, Leading Technical Expert HMI, Usability & Ergonomics, co-author: Dr. Thomas Vöhringer-Kuhnt, Head of CoC HMI, both: Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany


Lunch & visit of the accompanying trade fair ConCarExpo


Hands Off Detection – Safe Transition between Assisted and Automated Driving

  • Capacitive sensing for reliable hands on /off detection
  • Key information to determine when the driver controls the vehicle
  • Supports LKAS as well as high automation levels
  • Monitors transition between manual and automated driving modes

Alexander Treis, Business Development Manager, IEE S.A., Luxembourg


Virtual Reality Driving Simulation

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Increasing immersion: Combining VR and a real car
  • Problems, challenges and solutions
  • Integration in the KoFFI research project

Hieu Lê, M.Sc., Research Assistant, UniTyLab, Heilbronn University, German

V. Trends and Future Prospects – Advances and Visions


Carsharing and Ridesharing – Two services, one Fleet and other Ways to increase Utilization

  • Learn how vehicle utilization in new mobility services drives profitability and which techniques to use to achieve the highest utilization rates.
  • Learn what’s required to launch a new mobility service offering, including end-to-end workflow, dispatch, scheduling, balancing supply, demand, CRM and payments.
  • Examine lessons learned from launching one of the largest car sharing programs in the US market

Armin Fendrich, General Manager EMEA, RideCell, Germany


Farewell coffee in the accompanying trade fair ConCarExpo


End of conference

Discuss with international experts about the current developments in the market

This technical conference provides a professional forum for all experts who are working in the fields of HMI Design and Development

  • Engineers, technologists, designers and specialists from car makers
  • Managers and staff from HMI
  • Electronics and connectivity departments
  • Experts who are working in the fields of HMI Design and Development
  • Designers, developers, engineers and technical experts from car suppliers

Networking is the key

Take part in our evening reception and get in contact with experts, business partners, specialists and investors from international industries. Use the networking opportunities and have some interesting discussions about the existing possibilities in the automotive market and the field of HMI.

Visit three conferences with one ticket

In order to offer conference participants an even bigger spectrum of topics and networking possibilities, participants  of the Automotive HMI & Connectivity conference are eligible to attend the international conferences Automated Driving and IT Security for Vehicles, which will be held in parallel to this conference – free of charge.

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Towards a Framework of Future User Interactions in Shared and Automated Vehicles (SAV)
Author : Cyriel Diels

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4. International VDI Conference - Automotive HMI & Connectivity 2017

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