5th International VDI Conference - Automotive HMI & Connectivity

  • Profit from high quality presentations covering current developments in connectivity and HMI from leading OEMs, suppliers and IT Providers.
  • Learn about how OEMs use various available platforms to create their own, brand-specific HMI designs.
  • Use the four round tables for an intensive and open exchange of information with the most important players in the industry.
  • Make high quality personal contacts at the evening get-together and expand your international network above and beyond your own field.
Automotive HMI & Connectivity | VDI Conference

The VDI “Automotive HMI & Connectivity” conference will give you a comprehensive overview of the human-machine interface (HMI) and connectivity in vehicles. Internationally renowned experts from leading OEMs and suppliers present their newest developments. For example, you’ll find out about how to integrate various manufacturers’ decentralized software architectures into a brand image-appropriate user interface. The conference will help you to understand better and classify current HMI developments to strengthen your competitiveness in a dynamic marketplace.

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On the way to automated vehicles: the evolution of user interfaces
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The user interface as a unique brand characteristic.

Performance and design are no longer the only decisive criteria for purchasing a car. Customers are increasingly demanding ever more powerful infotainment systems, with access to a wide spectrum of digital information. This presents a great challenge for OEMs when it comes to designing user interfaces. Because on the one hand, users need to see everything they want to see at any time and level of detail, and on the other hand, cannot be overwhelmed by too much information.

Discuss how to create human-machine interfaces that fulfill all these requirements with leading representatives from OEMs and suppliers at the VDI “Automotive HMI & Connectivity” conference. Further topics that will be covered include, amongst others, accident avoidance through V2X communication, gesture control, IT security and validation processes.

Four round tables and an exclusive evening get-together

This international VDI conference brings together participants from various industries that work in the development of infotainment and connectivity solutions as well as in the development, manufacture or implementation of user interfaces in vehicles. The VDI Knowledge Forum has organized four round tables where participants will discuss the following central themes in an intimate setting:

  • Reducing traffic fatalities and injuries with V2X communication
  • HMI vehicle to vehicle communication for highly automated driving
  • Gestural interaction in the car
  • One interface for all: HMI and the multi-modal commuter

You’re also invited to an exclusive evening get-together at the end of the first day. This is the ideal occasion in which to make international contacts and to expand your network above and beyond your field in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Program of the Conference

September 26, 2018


Registration & welcome coffee


Chair´s welcome and opening address
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner,
Managing Director, UniTyLab, Heilbronn University, Germany,
Dr. Ignacio Alvarez, Staff Research Scientist, Intel Labs, Intel Corporation, USA


Opening Speech: Trends in Automotive HMI – An OEM Perspective

  • From cockpit architecture
  • Learning Systems, User Experience and Design Thinking
  • Basic requirements of HMI for automation

Dr. rer. physiol. Stefan Becker, Supervisor Global Core HMI, Electric & Electronic Systems, Ford GmbH, Germany

I. Control Displays and Cockpit Architecture


3D Surface Touch Displays – Introducing a new User Experience

  • UX implications of flat media displays
  • Introduction of 3D Surfaces as an enhancement of Touch Display UX
  • Active Haptic Feedback: Additional building block towards an holistic UX

Jochen Möller, Leading Expert User Experience & Interaction Design, Cross Product Solutions, Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany


From Syntax to Content: natural Interfaces in Automotive Industry

  • Challenges and issues of the current in-car interfaces
  • Natural interfaces and the global market in car-applications
  • Dive into main challenges: human brain way of thinking vs machine logic

Kate Fischer, Lead HMI Designer and Project Manager, F.D. Fast Design Engineering s.r.l., Bologna, Italy


Networking & coffee break

II. Usability, User Experience and HMI Development Processes – Current Status and Latest Development


Market Dynamics in User Interface & Electronics Design

  • Top-line automotive megatrends in autonomy, electrification, and mobility
  • Established and emerging UI technology foresight
  • Market share updates and supply chain disruptions
  • OEM strategies for the future of the interior

Mark C. Boyadjis, Principal Analyst & Manager, Automotive User Experience, IHS Markit, USA


The Impact of automotive Connectivity on Driver and User Experience

  • User experience and workflow – the driver as a user
  • Design tools – prototyping, collaboration, user test and human factors
  • The driver as a user
  • Process impact and industrialization

Martin Baudin, Senior User Experience Design Specialist at Boeing Jeppesen, a Boing Company, Germany



III. Usability, User Experience and HMI Development Processes


Human Factors of Automated Driving

  • Automation Effects and Driver State
  • HMI and mode awareness
  • HMI aspects for external communication

Professor Dr. Klaus Bengler, Institute of Ergonomics, Technische Universität München, Germany


Cultural User Experience in the Car – Toward a standardized systematic intercultural agile automotive UI/UX Design Process

  • Motivation for Holistic Design Processes in the automotive context
  • HCI and UCD design process affected by culture
  • Systematic Usage-Centered Design (U-CD) and ASPICE
  • Approach to a systematic standardized intercultural agile automotive UI/UX

Dr. phil. Rüdiger Heimgärtner, Chief Executive Officer, Intercultural User Interface Consulting (IUIC), Germany


Networking & coffee break


Round Table Session

Reducing traffic fatalities and injuries with V2X communication
(Moderation: Kate Fischer, Lead HMI Designer and Project Manager, F.D. Fast Design Engineering s.r.l., Bologna, Italy)
HMI vehicle to vehicle communication for highly automated driving
(Moderation: Christopher P. Giordano, Cp.E., Vice President – UX/UI Technology DiSTI, Orlando, USA)
Gestural interaction in the car
(Moderation: Dr. Ignacio Alvarez, Staff Research Scientist, Intel Labs, Intel Corporation, USA)
One Interface for all: HMI and the multi-modal commuter
(Moderation: Mark Boyadjis, Principal Analyst & Manager, Automotive User Experience, IHS Markit, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)


Summary of the Highlights of Round Table Session


Chairs’ remarks


End of conference day one


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

September 27, 2018

IV. HMI for Assistant and Autonomous Driving


Humanizing Automated Vehicles

  • World from an automated vehicle perspective
  • The lack of human picture – Understanding vehicle passangers
  • Humanized driving policies

Dr. Ignacio Alvarez, Staff Research Scientist, Intel Labs, Intel Corporation, USA


Talk to Me: Going beyond the Q & A in your future Automobile

  • Unusual UX questions to get extraordinary insights
  • Exploring how drivers envision their virtual assistant’s appearance
  • How to judge users’ perception of system intelligence
  • VR and users’ variations in phrasing

Carie Cunningham PhD, User Experience Researcher with DRIVE Lab, Nuance Communications, Detroit, USA

V. Connectivity and Connecting External Devices – Consumer Electronics for Automotive


Challenges of an Integrated Digital Functional Safety Implementation

  • Functionally safe systems amidst software, hardware and UI design
  • Myths surrounding a functionally safe system – implementation challenges
  • Integration of safety and non-safety systems for hardware consolidation
  • Reducing cost and complexity while maintaining functional safety

Christopher P. Giordano, Cp.E., Vice President – UX/UI Technology, DiSTI, Orlando, USA


Networking & coffee break


Building a Level 5 Black Box using UX Accelerators

  • Flight data recorders in aerospace and event data recorders in automotive
  • New requirements for Level 5 event recording in cars
  • Solution for industry collaboration
  • Learn how to get involved and contribute

Joel Andrew Hoffmann, Hoffmann Group Consulting, LLC


Designing User-Centered Comfortable Automotive Interactions with Emerging Technologies for a Variety of different Touchpoints

  • User-centered interface in the automotive industry
  • Enhance the safety through new technical solutions – smart ambient lighting, voice and gesture interaction, augmented reality, smart surfaces
  • Delight and create intuitive for human brain transparent interaction
  • Elevate brand loyalty, gain new customers and engage potential customers

Kate Fischer, Lead HMI Designer and Project Manager, F.D. Fast Design Engineering s.r.l., Bologna, Italy


Automated Vehicles in mixed Traffic Environments – the Value of external HMI

  • Human factors and HMI challenges for automated vehicles in mixed traffic
  • Approach of the EU H2020 project “interACT”
  • First results of human-human interaction and derived external HMI concepts

Dipl.-Psych. Anna Schieben, Group Leader Human-Technology Integration, Institute of Transportation Systems, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahr e.V. (DLR), Germany, Coordinator of the EU H2020 project “interACT“



VI. Driver Distraction, Workload Managing and Entertainment


Automotive Experience Design: Beyond Cupholders and Clusters

  • The automotive landscape of today (and tomorrow)
  • Change your mindset – design thinking is the future
  • Change your space – new ways to reach our customers
  • Change your tactics – software design practices we can learn from

Jonathon Baugh, Experience Architect, Digital Experience, Team Leader, Pillar Technology, Michigan, USA


Attention-aware Interruption Management to Increase Take-Over Quality in Automated Driving

  • Execution patterns for NDRTs switch from concurrent to sequential multitasking
  • Frequent interruptions reduce performance, increase stress and error rates
  • Solution: Attentive UIs that issues notifications at emerging task boundaries
  • A simulator study confirms that attentive UIs lead to higher trust/acceptance

Professor Dr. Andreas Riener, Professor for Human-Machine Interface and Virtual Reality, Head of User Experience Design, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany

VII. Trends and Future Prospects – Advances and Visions


Future Mobility Concepts and the Role of User Experience in Automated Driving

  • Part of the IoT – connecting smart home, smart office and smart vehicle
  • Interaction between occupants and vehicle – user interface and user experience
  • Collecting and managing data
  • Multimodal user experience solutions integrated within the vehicles

Dr. Manja Lohse, Head of Product Line User Experience (UX), Product Group User Experience, R6D, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, Germany


Future Trends in HMI

  • Interaction technologies
  • Wearable computing
  • Augmented & virtual reality

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Meixner, Managing Director, UniTyLab, Heilbronn University, Germany


Conference chair‘s closing remarks


End of conference

Who is this conference for?

The VDI “Automotive HMI & Connectivity” conference is aimed at professionals and management in companies that are involved in connectivity solutions and human-machine interfaces in vehicles. The target audience includes:

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Automotive industry suppliers
  • IT companies
  • Manufacturers/suppliers of infotainment systems

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