5. International VDI Conference - Connected Off-Highway Machines

  • Learn more about the impact of the Digital Transformation on the Off-Highway Industry 
  • Find out about current developments in the area of Connectivity and Data Management, as well as Autonomous Mobile Machines and Artificial Intelligence
  • Meet peers from the agricultural, mining and construction Industry and discuss latest findings and trends
  • Register for the “Connected Off-Highway Machines” conference and visit our parallel conferences “Electrified Off-Highway Machines” and “Smart Farming” free of extra charge
International Conference Connected Off-highway machines

SAVE THE DATE – On March 3rd- 4th, 2020 our 5th international conference on “Connected Off-Highway Machines” will return to Düsseldorf to discuss new technologies revolutionizing the industry. In the Off-Highway Industries mobile machines become increasingly connected and drive (semi-) autonomously already. They increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and making working conditions in harsh environments safer. Our international VDI conference offers an ideal platform to discuss latest technology trends with international experts.

Smart Future for the Off-Highway Industry?

All major players of the Off-Highway Industry are working on smart technologies and solutions. Automation, connectivity and digital processes have many benefits. However, there are still many challenges and questions ahead: How do connectivity and automation impact business models? How to really benefit from Big Data? How to integrate artificial intelligence in Off-Highway Machines? When and how will fully Autonomous Off-Highway Machines become a reality? How does the role of the worker change?


We are currently preparing the final program for you. You will soon be able to download it here.

Meanwhile take a look at 2019’s topics:

  • New Business Models and Revenue Potential through connected Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Connectivity Challenges, Digital Platforms and Value of Data
  • The Way towards Autonomous Mobile Machines
  • Use Cases from Mining, Construction and Agriculture
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Out-of-the-Box: Perspectives on Connectivity and Automation from other Industries

If you have any questions regarding the conference program or want to become a speaker at the next event please contact Carolin Leuchten.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Registration & welcome coffee


Chair‘s welcome and opening address

I. New Business Models


New Business Models and Revenue Potential through connected Off-Highway Vehicles - Keynote

  • Vehicle generated data: A new mega market
  • New business models to monetize vehicle data
  • Increased revenue and reduced costs through data created by off-highway machines

Kai Hessenmüller, Product Manager, SAP Leonardo, IoT Moving Assets, SAP SE, Germany


The Farm of the Future – An End-user’s perspective on Connectivity

  • Precision farming and soil scanning in praxis
  • Internet of things sensors
  • Yield mapping for yield potential
  • Generating data from your vehicles

Jacob van den Borne, CEO, van den borne aardappelen, The Netherlands


Value of Connectivity for improving your Business – A practical Experience Report

  • Operating efficiently with connected machines
  • Connectivity for additional customer value
  • Using your connectivity – Targeted marketing and product development

Dr. Marius Basting, Digital & Technology Manager Europe, Caterpillar S.A.R.L., Switzerland

II. Connectivity – Solutions & Use Cases


Digital Platforms for Connected Machines

  • Platform to provide collaboration between digital systems
  • Third party enablement that drives innovation
  • Importance of standards to scale connectivity integrations

Randall Kasparbauer, Engineering Manager, Intelligent Solutions Group, John Deere, USA




Mobile Mapping and accurate Positioning Solutions for connected Machines

  • The importance of UAV and mobile mapping systems
  • Efficiency through accurate 3D Planning
  • Centimetric level positioning of autonomous vehicle via global GNSS correction service
  • Learning from the past – Use cases

Yann Roussel, BM for OEM GNSS & Mobile Mapping Europe, Topcon, France


Connectivty in Construction and Mining Equipment: Experience and Use Cases

  • How OEMs can build a successful IoT ecosystem
  • Big data: Threats and opportunities
  • Standardization of equipment data
  • Connecting your machines on site and in quarries: Use cases and lessons learned

Enrico Borella, Product Manager Telematics, Komatsu Europe, Belgium


Panel Discussion on Artificial Intelligence – Where are we headed?

Experts from the automotive, agriculture, construction & mining industry discuss what AI means for the industries and what the future could look like


Networking & coffee break

III. The Value of Data & ML in a changing Economy


From Potato shed to Potato Cloud

  • Data sharing agriculture as a key for further growth
  • Cloud based IOT & connectivity solutions for data gathering in real-time
  • Data exchange standardization
  • New business models and the future of data sharing

Dr. Ir. Koen Uyttenhove, IOT Manager, AVR, Belgium


Processes are only half the Battle – Organizational and Technical Challenges of Security Engineering

  • Security engineering process overview
  • Practical examples of organizational and technical security pitfalls
  • Experiences with mitigation strategies for the pitfalls
  • Security aspects of working with external security service providers

Dr.-Ing. Jens Köhler, R&D Manager Cyber Security, ITK Engineering, Germany


Vehicle Diagnostis and Prognostics

  • Construction of physical models for prognostics and diagnostics
  • Enhancing the base model with machine learning
  • Balancing the model building with the ability to scale across component variations

Kjeld Jespersen, Director Connected Vehicles, Honeywell, Switzerland


End of conference day one

Get Together

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

IV. The Future of Autonomous Mobile Machinery


Mine of the Future – The Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles for Value Creation

  • Concept and challenges of using autonomous ground vehicles for heavy load transportation in an Aluminium plant
  • The AGV guiding technology and targeted final solution
  • The key axis to implement a 4.0 roadmap

Stéphane Prodent, Manager Automation & Advanced Technologies Area, Rio Tinto, France


Edge Computing For Artificial Intelligence

  • Challenges of edge inference
  • Techniques for optimization of neural networks
  • Survey of processing hardware for edge inference
  • Applications for autonomous vehicles

Josh Gelinske, Director AI Systems, Appareo Systems LLC, USA


Concept of a semi-automated Excavator

  • The necessity of modifying the current machine concept
  • Analyzing the dynamic behavior of the hydraulic system
  • Implementation of automated motion control for the excavator
  • Realizing load mass and load position estimation
  • The importance of connectivity for coordinating IT systems

Stéphane Walter, Group Leader, Liebherr Colmar, France & Prof. Dr. Oliver Sawodny, Institute for System Dynamics, University Stuttgart, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Autonomous Machine Software Architecture

  • Machine interface and sensor interface
  • Autonomous layer architecture options
  • Safety in automation

Chris Woodard, Software Business Development Manager & Elza Marisa Paiva de Figueiredo, Autonomous Systems Manager, both: Danfoss Power Solutions Europe, USA


Status of Research & Development on autonomous agricultural Machines in Japan

  • The benefits of automation for farmers
  • An automation level regulated by the Japanese government and its use case
  • Lessons learned and use cases of Kubota

Nobushige Ichikawa, General Manager of Farm Machinery Engineering Europe Dept., Kubota Corporation, Japan




World Cafés

From elephants to ants – Can automation be an enabler for new machine concepts? – Uwe Müller, Chief Project Manager, Volvo Construction Equipment

How can AI improve mobile robotics? – Sabri Bayoudh, CTO, Arcure

Embedded and Cyber Security: What are challenges and drivers in your business? – Roland Marx, CC Embedded Security, OSB AG

Preventive maintenance through smart components – Quo vadis? – Michael Christian Lorenz, Business Development Digital Solutions, Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

FutureSite test center – Towards interconnected autonomous mobile machinery – Prof. Dr. Georg Jacobs, Head of Institute for Machine Elements and System Engineering, RWTH Aachen University and further experts!


Networking & coffee break

V. Realizing Opportunities of Machine Coordination


Moving forward to fully connected, autonomous Road Construction

  • Connecting machines in swarm/autonomy applications
  • Utilizing new communication and positioning technologies
  • Development of high performance electronics with gateway functionality

Stefan A. Lang, Head of System-Technology; co-authors: K. Niestroj, System-Technology, all: Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH, Dr. P. Decker, Software and Control Systems, BOMAG GmbH, Germany


Cooperating Autonomous Randem Rollers exploiting AMMCOA

  • Cooperation of the autonomous BOMAG tandem rollers BW154 and BW174 of the AMMCOA project within road construction scenarios
  • Behavior-based control for distributed task assigment using the REACTiON architecture and iB2C
  • Tests on the virtual B10 highway simulated in the Unreal Engine
  • Off-road collaboration with the real rollers on the off-road test environment ZAK

Patrick Wolf, Research Assistant Robotics Research Lab; co-authors: Thorsten Ropertz, Robotics Research Lab, Prof. Dr. Karsten Berns, Robotics Research Lab, all: TU Kaiserslautern, Dr. Peter Decker, Bomag GmbH, Germany


Closing remarks


End of conference

Who should attend the conference?

The "Connected Off-Highway Machines" Conference is aimed at engineers, technologists, designers and specialists from mobile machine manufacturers and suppliers of the off-highway industry, in particular managers and staff from:

  • Electric and electronics systems
  • Telematics, drivers assistance Systems
  • Software development
  • Mobile machine control Solutions
  • Communication technologies Departments

This international conference provides a professional forum for all experts who are working in the fields of Connected Off-Highway Machines, Automation and IT for mobile machines to exchange experiences and ideas.

Secure your seat now and benefit from parallel conferences

Do you want to find out more about current challenges and new chances in the area of "Connected Off-Highway Machines"? Then reserve a place at the "Connected Off-Highway Machines" conference now. In addition, also benefit from our parallel conferences on “Electrified Off-Highway Machines” and “Smart Farming” free of extra Charge.


Eventnumber: 01KO902

Connected Off-Highway Machines


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Take advantage of the block of rooms we have reserved for guests at the event location. Please list VDI Wissensforum as a reference when making your hotel booking.

Eventnumber: 01KO902

Connected Off-Highway Machines


Take advantage of the block of rooms we have reserved for guests at the event location. Please list VDI Wissensforum as a reference when making your hotel booking.

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