International VDI Conference - Connected Off-Highway Machines

International Conference Connected Off-highway machines

The current trend towards increased automation and electrification of mobile off-highway machines is obvious. Telematics tools are becoming standard equipment on mobile machines including agricultural and forestry machines, construction and mining machines and other off-highway vehicles. On a daily basis we are confronted with technology trends such as Connectivity, Automation and Big Data. But what is really behind these trends and how are they linked to each other? How will the world of connected mobile off-highway machines change and develop in the future? These and other questions will be discussed at our international conference.

Coping with challenges and benefiting from the full potential of connected mobile Off-Highway machines

Main goals of the automation process are the optimization of efficiency and performance, the simplification of operations as well as the comfort for users. Telematics solutions can help to increase productivity, operability, energy efficiency and safety. For instance, due to advanced data management systems, fleet managers are able to detect negative maintenance developments before becoming a bigger problem and optimize machine uptime. Moreover, remote condition monitoring can increase equipment reliability.

Even though connectivity and automation of off-highway applications offer many benefits for the operators, there are still various open questions that need to be discussed. How does the role of the operator of the machine change in such a complex environment? How are operations optimized in practice? Generating Big Data, but how to handle the data volume and who actually owns the data? What are the challenges related to software updates?

  • Meet and discuss with experts from off-highway OEMs, suppliers and software solution providers
  • Learn about current connectivity challenges and the digital transformation
  • Get informed about process optimization opportunities and ways to prevent unplanned downtimes

Topics of the international Connected Off-Highway Machines Conference

At this international VDI Conference “Connected Off-Highway Machines”, experts will discuss the following topics:

  • Major technology trends in the off-highway industry
  • Optimizing operations and performance through connectivity and data
  • New control concepts and driver assistance systems
  • Challenges of the big data transformation
  • Cyber security questions
  • Autonomous off-highway machines

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Tuesday, May 10


Registration & welcome coffee


Chair’s welcome and opening address
Prof. Dr. Karsten Berns, Head of Robotics Research Laboratory, Department
of Computer Science, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany


How connectivity challenges the traditional business models
within the off-highway industry

  • Connectivity and data management - An overview
  • Trends in technology, standards, applications and partnering models
  • Potential and challenges for the off-highway industry
  • How to approach the business transition

Dr. Michael P. Schmitt, Managing Director, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann
GmbH, Kaufbeuren, Germany


The AgTech Revolution

  • Major technological trends in agriculture
  • Agriculture ecosystem
  • What are the drivers for growth?
  • The role of connectivity and automation

Antonio Marzia, Vice President Precision Solutions and Telematics, Product
Marketing, CNH Industrial, Turin, Italy


Connectivity impact on road building

  • Road building processes: From traditional best practice behavior to
    job site planning
  • Connectivity: From telematics today to real-time information
    exchange in the future
  • Case study: SmartSite project within German Industry 4.0 initiative to
    prove feasibility
  • Connectivity impact on road building jobsite efficiency

Dr. sc. nat. Anton Demarmels, Head of Technology Management, Corporate
Technology and Research, Ammann Schweiz AG, Langenthal, Switzerland




Connected agriculture vehicles and open data systems

  • Challenges in the agriculture industry
  • Technological advances in machine controllers
  • Optimizing operations with data and connectivity

Taylor Kremmin, B. Sc., Sr. Design Engineer, Engineering - Global
Electronics/Software, AGCO Corporation, Jackson, Minnesota, USA


Automation in mobile working machines – For increased
productivity, energy efficiency, operability and safety

  • Understanding the machine with its operator in its workplace as
    one system
  • Understanding the collaboration of machines in a process
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Automation spectrum: From “driver only” over “assisted” to
    “fully automated”
  • Collaborative control
  • Trust in automation

Dr. Reno Filla, Senior Technology Specialist, R&D - Emerging Technologies,
Volvo Construction Equipment, Eskilstuna, Sweden


Achieve optimum mobile mining equipment performance
through remote condition monitoring

  • Deliver results using condition monitoring within your maintenance and
    repair program
  • Increase equipment reliability while decreasing maintenance and repair costs
  • Apply predictive analytics and equipment knowledge to prevent
    unplanned downtime
  • Partner with your Caterpillar Dealer to proactively manage equipment
    using advanced technologies
  • Achieve results by implementing proven principles of change management

Sean M. Gladieux, M. Sc., Product Manager, Mining Technology Enabled
Solutions, Caterpillar Inc., East Peoria, Illinois, USA


Networking & coffee break


Connected machines solutions from a supplier´s perspective

  • Challenges related to connected machines
  • Possible solutions
  • Future trends and outlook

Dr. Walter Lehle, Head of Department Powertrain Diagnosis, Bosch
Engineering GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany


Efficiency improvements through integrated data
management solutions

  • Connectivity and data management as key enabler for
    productivity improvements
  • Integrated data management solution - The answer to the cost vs.
    benefit challenge
  • Application example: Combining vision based failure detection, machine
    control, cloud services and M2M
  • Outlook

Dr. Christoph Loos, Managing Director, Motec, Hadamar-Steinbach,
Germany and Dipl. Inf. Florian Belser, SW Team Leader, Connectivity &
Data Management, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH, Kaufbeuren, Germany


Potentials of Big Data and connectivity –
A Google perspective

  • The importance of data at Google
  • How Google handles the amounts of data it is facing and what we
    have learned
  • Outlook - Potential and why (Big) Data analytics is a “must” for
    all industries

Jens Bussmann, Cloud Platform Lead, DACH & CEE, Cloud Platform
Global Sales, Google Germany GmbH, Munich, Germany


End of conference day one

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed
and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants
and Speakers.

Wednesday, May 11


The challenges of Big Data transformation in a hard-iron
manufacturing company

  • Cultural challenges of data transformation - Who is the hero?
  • Proving the value of telematics - Smoke and mirrors
  • Organizational aspects - To centralize or not?
  • Data privacy - Whose data is it anyway?
  • It does actually work - Some examples of value generation

Stephen Leese, Manager Machine Knowledge Center, Deere & Company,
Moline, Illinois, USA


Digital Harvest with Farming 4.0 - Chances and challenges
of the digital transformation in the agricultural industry

  • Data-based precision and prescription farming are the future key
    business drivers
  • Introducing the CLAAS data lake approach for the analysis of machine
  • Customer added value business models and opportunities with
    combined customer and machine data
  • How to cope with organizational and technical challenges

Philip Vospeter, Head of Information Service Sales Companies, CLAAS KGaA,
Harsewinkel, Germany


Networking & coffee break


DDS – Data Distribution Service communications

  • As a mobile off-highway software development company: How we
    uncovered the need for DDS and why we are interested in
  • Development activity with DDS
  • DDS - A secure communications proposal for Real Time, M2M and
    remote connectivity
  • Existing DDS use cases

Nicholas Pridham, Managing Director, Hamatics Limited, Darrington, United


Cyber security challenges for cloud connectivity in the offhighway

  • Security-critical use cases: Threats and requirements for cloud security
  • Layered security: How to prevent attacks on the vehicle
  • Certificate-based authentication: How to prevent attacks on the cloud
  • Cloud security: Future challenges

Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Meurer, Senior Security Consultant, Consulting &
Engineering, ESCRYPT GmbH – Embedded Security, Bochum, Germany




On-board and cloud based diagnostics – The sunny and the
dark side

  • Classification of diagnostic algorithms
  • New possibilities in moving to cloud
  • The dark side of cloud based diagnostics
  • Possible architectures and infrastructures
  • Liability and legislation influences

Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Romijn, Business Development and Project Leader, BRACE
Automotive, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, co-author: Dipl.-Ing. Matthias
Weber, Founder & Owner, Roben Automotive, Równe, Poland and Medi
Samsami, Bearingpoint, Hamburg, Germany


The challenges and benefits of remote over-the-air

  • Who needs remote OTA management?
  • What are the risks and challenges?
  • Are software updates the only use case?

Roger Ordman, Director of Product, Marketing, co-author: Rudolf von
Stokar, Sales Director, Redbend, Connected Services, HARMAN International,
Garching/Tel Aviv, Germany/Israel


Networking & coffee break


Mining 4.0 – A journey into the future of mining

  • Mining where it all began
  • New mining challenges for Miners and OEMs
  • Autonomous mining technologies
  • Outlook into the future

Jens Klopmeier, Manager Product Marketing & Planning, Application
Engineering, Komatsu Mining Germany GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany


The development and testing of a fully autonomous

  • Vehicle platform capable of carrying out a field scale agricultural
    deposition task
  • Using autonomous machines in an arable agriculture setting
  • Software algorithms managing the behavior of the vehicle

Dr. Ianto Guy, Head of Off Road Vehicle Design, Harper Adams University,
Newport, United Kingdom


Conference chair’s closing remarks


End of conference

Who should attend this international Conference?

This technical conference on „Connected Off-Highway Machines“ is directed at engineers, technologists, designers and specialists from mobile machine manufacturers and suppliers of the off-highway industry, in particular managers and staff from:

  • Electric and electronics systems
  • Telematics, drivers assistance systems
  • Software development
  • Mobile machine control solutions
  • Communication technologies departments

This international conference provides a professional forum for all experts who are working in the fields of Connected Off-Highway Machines, Automation and IT for mobile machines to exchange experiences and ideas.

You will meet international specialists from major OEMs such as

  • Caterpillar (USA)
  • CNH Industrial (Italy)
  • AGCO Corporation (USA)
  • Volvo Construction Equipment (Sweden)
  • Komatsu Mining (Germany)
  • Deere & Company (USA)
  • Ammann (Switzerland)
  • CLAAS (Germany)

In a special keynote, Google will provide an insight into the potentials of Big Data analytics.

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