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Electrified Off-Highway Machines | VDI Conference

The VDI conference “Electrified Off-Highway Machines” will focus on developments on electrified powertrains and battery technology specifically used in off-highway machines, and their implications on safety, standardization, maintenance and life cycle cost. On the basis of several practical examples and with professional support of international industry experts, we will look at the benefits of electrification, as well as new business models and current model projects.

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Volvo CE’s Electric Site research project
Author: Uwe Müller, Volvo Construction Equipment

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The future is electric

Powertrain developments and electrification in mobility and machinery have been breaking new grounds in the last several years. Yet the headlines have mostly been concerned with the increased proliferation of electric and hybrid cars. The changes to the off-highway sector have been just as revolutionary. This conference will discuss the challenges and opportunities electrification brings: From the latest developments in battery and engine technology and functional safety to operational issues, such as life-cycles, maintenance and regulatory factors, you will gain insight into how electric power can transform the industry and move forward into a lower-emission future, with new emission standards paving the road for these developments. These standards benefit electrified off-highway machines used in cities with strict guidelines, for example, or in situations where automation and robotics can lead to greater accuracy, or where fuel or operating costs can be lowered.

This is the only professional conference dealing holistically with this topic and is a must for experts, industry leaders and professionals working in all aspects of the off-highway sector. It is also an ideal addition to the “Smart Farming” and “Connected Off-Highway Machines” conferences running at the same time.

Focus Topics

  • Electrified Powertrain
    • Developments on Electric and Hybrid Powertrains(e.g. Power Density, Robustness,
      Recovery Solutions etc.)
    • System Integration of Electrified Powertrains and Attachments
    • Electric Motor Thermal Management
    • Power Electronics & Supercapacitators
  • Battery Technology
    • Battery Thermal Management
    • Developments on increased Battery Power Density
    • Assessment of Battery Technologies for different Applications
    • Charging Infrastructure
  • Functional Safety & Standardization
    • High Voltage Functional Safety of Hybrids and Electric Vehicles
    • Standardization & Licensing of Electrified Equipment
    • On-the-job Safety around High Voltage Equipment
  • Operation of Electric Off-Highway Machines
    • Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance, Service and Repair
    • TCO Analysis of electrified Off-Highway Machines
    • Emerging Business Models for electrified Off-Highway Machines
  • European emission standards for Off-Highway Machines
    • European Emission Standards: Stage V Impact on Off-Highway Segment
    • Future Developments of Emission Standards
  • Case Studies
    • Operation of Electrified Off-Highway Machines:
      • Construction Sites
      • Quarries
      • Farming
      • Material Handling

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 1st day


Chair‘s welcome and opening address


Carbon-free Powertrains for future Mobile Machines

  • The emission situation in the off-highway industry
  • Ecological approach through sustainable fuels and powertrain electrification
  • Case studies in electrification
  • Agile development methodology for electrified powertrains

Dr.-Ing. Frank Hiller, CEO, DEUTZ AG, Germany


Electric Drives in Mobile Machines

  • Current drivers for electrification
  • Resulting technical requirements
  • Implementation considerations

Klaus Graner, Managing Director, Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH, Germany


 A holistic System Approach for the Design and Integration of the Powertrain in Off-Highway Applications

  • System architecture of an all-electric and diesel-electric drive system
  • Identification of functional components for an electric powertrain
  • Design and selection of required components and exemplary vehicle integration

Harald Dietel, Project Manager, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH, Germany


Machine Electrification using simulation-based Approach for meeting conflicting Product Requirements

  • Identification of main losses of an heavy excavator
  • Electrification architecture definition
  • Optimization of electrified systems towards maximum efficiency & productivity
    M. Romain Nicolas, Business Developer, Siemens PLM Software, France



The NRMM Stage V Regulation in Europe: Changes, Expectations and Challenges

  • Review of stage V regulation and changes compared to stage IV
  • Expectations towards stage V
  • Challenges of stage V regarding requirements of in-service monitoring (ISM) of all NRMM engines

Dr. Adolfo Perujo, Project Leader, European Commission DG-JRC, Italy


Exhaust Aftertreatment for future Non-Road Diesel Engines

  • Regulation development
  • How to meet ultra-low NOx emissions
  • Thermal management and control
  • How to match hybrid operation to exhaust aftertreatment: Pros and cons

Arno Amberla, Vice President, Technology, PROVENTIA OY, Finland


Challenges and Opportunities in Thermal Management Systems (TMS) of electric & hybrid Machines

  • Thermal Management: Importance and challenges for the off-highway industry
  • Integrated TMS for cooling and heating demands in various components
  • Modular and scalable system with high energy efficiency through waste heat recovery and passive cooling

Josef Graubmann, Managing Director, Ymer Technology GmbH, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Battery Electrification in Underground Mining

  • Main drivers for electrification underground
  • Challenge: Developing and producing the world’s biggest battery machines
  • How new business models change everything

Erik Svedlund, Head of Marketing, Epiroc Electrification, Epiroc Rock Drills AB, Swede


Developing Battery System Solutions for Heavy Duty and High Performance Applications

  • Vehicle electrification as key driver for battery system development
  • Battery requirements for heavy duty and high performance applications
  • Challenges due to high performance duty cycles and long operational life
  • Commercial challenges due to lower overall vehicle volumes

Ryan Maughan, Managing Director, AVID Technology Group Ltd, United Kingdom



EV Power Challenges and Energy Management

  • Charge control challenges for electrified fleet
  • Energy management and sustainability
  • EV batteries as energy storage
  • Carbon and cost reduction by cloud-based charging solution

Daniel Troedsson, Managing Director, Felix Haberl, Business Manager India, both: Alelion Energy Systems AB, Sweden


End of conference day one

At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 2nd day


Impact of e-Mobility on Supply Chain and related Market Expectation

  • Requirements for suppliers due to electrification
  • Implications of these requirements
  • ZF’s strategy

Gerhard Stempfer, Manager Industrial Technology - Business Unit Off-Highway Systems, ZF, Germany


Fossil-free and emissions free Construction Sites in Oslo

  • Overview of procurement strategy on fossil-free construction sites in Oslo
  • Experiences with fossil-free and emissions free construction to date
  • The way forward on emissions free construction sites

André Aasrud, Senior Adviser, Climate Agency, City of Oslo, Norway


Journey towards Electrification – How to transfer a Research Project into a Machine Portfolio

  • Electricification of a complete worksite, different solutions for different machines
  • Electrification, automation and connectivity as enablers for each other
  • Environmental impact, reduction of carbon emissions
  • Operational and soft learnings

Uwe Müller, Program Manager Commercial Pilots, Volvo Construction Equipment, Sweden


Networking & coffee break


GridCON – A tethered and autonomous Tractor

  • Concept and prototype of a grid-connected electric & autonomous tractor
  • GridCON: A new milestone of John Deere’s (JD) for a fully sustainable energy supply for agricultural machinery (SESAM)
  • Permanent electric power supply at doubled power density and productivity at significantly reduced machine and operational cost

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Pickel, Deputy Director European Technology Innovation Center, John Deere GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


Hydrogen for Off-Highway Machines – Case Study Excavator

  • The potential role of hydrogen in the renewable energy society
  • Hydrogen as fuel to reduce emissions from transport applications
  • „Zero Emission Digger“ hydrogen and batteries for an electrified 30-tons excavator

Anders Ødegård, Project Manager, New Energy Solutions, SINTEF, Norway


Panel Discussion: Batteries and (Hydrogen) Fuel Cells - A critical View on Advantages and Disandvantages

Anders Ødegård, SINTEF, Norway

Ryan Maughan, AVID Technology Group Ltd, United Kingdom

Felix Haberl, Alelion Energy Systems AB, Sweden




Balancing emerging Electrification Technologies with evolving Performance Expectations

  • Addressing challenges of widely varying duty cycles and work functions
  • Scaling up for large-sized off-highway vehicles
  • Optimizing vehicle performance in a connected, data-rich environment
  • Managing accelerated development timetables in limited-volume markets

Ettore Cosoli, Vice President of Global Engineering for Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies, Dana Incorporated, Italy


e-Tractor Fleets – Challenges and solutions for Powertrain Electrification and Charging Management of agricultural Fleets

  • Off-road application meets electrification: motivation and drivers
  • Introduction to an agricultural fleet example: Challenges that come along with fleet electrification
  • Future e-powertrain solutions: AVL e-tractor concept
  • Battery system design and integration and charging concept
  • Charging management of an e-tractor fleet and its impact on the grid

Sabine Pretsch, M.Sc., System Development Engineer Off-Road, AVL Commercial Driveline & Tractor Engineering GmbH, Austria
Thomas Woopen, M.Sc., Development Engineer Vehicle, AVL Tractor Engineering Germany GmbH, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Electric Construction Machinery – Economical, environmentally friendly and low Emission

  • Overview of zero emission products at Wacker Neuson
  • Advantages of electric drives
  • Alternative drives for construction machinery
  • Outlook / drive concepts of the future

tba, Wacker Neuson, German


Electrification of Mini Excavato

  • Application of an electrified solution in a mini excavator
  • Challenges and learning
  • Electrification of actuator system

Richard Lively B.Eng., MBA, Executive Director, Electrified Power Business Unit, Cummins, United Kingdom


Closing remarks


End of conference

Who should take part?

The VDI conference Electrified Off-Highway Machines is aimed at professionals, management and decision makers in the following areas:

  • OEMs and Suppliers in the Off-Highway Segment
  • Battery System Manufacturers
  • Agriculture, Construction, Material Handling and Mining Companies
  • Fleet Operators
  • Engineering Firms and Tech Companies
  • Municipal Administrations
  • Legislators

Your experts for the VDI conference Electrified Off-Highway Machines

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Thomas Herlitzius, Chair of Agricultural Systems and Technology, Technische Universität Dresden, will be one of the many experts supporting the conference by contributing his expertise. Further supporting experts taking part will follow.

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Advisory Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Herlitzius Fakultät Maschinenwesen Technische Universität Dresden / Dresden

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