3rd International VDI Conference - Smart Farming 2019

  • Explore the many ways in which Smart Farming can have strategic benefits for your business
  • Discuss recent trends and developments with leading international experts in the field
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International Conference Smart Farming

The 3rd International VDI Conference on “Smart Farming 2019” will be held in Dusseldorf (Germany) from May 14th to 15th, 2019. Supported by national and international experts, the conference brings together over 100 thought leaders in cutting edge agri-industry solutions. As an actor in the farming industry, you cannot get around “Smart Farming” and its implications for your business. Smart Farming is a buzzword for engineers in the agricultural fields. And rightly so: Utilizing smart IT, drones, and other advanced technologies and – crucially – networking these assets, results in higher yields, more economic use of resources, as well as higher efficiency.

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The Evolution of Tractor Implement Systems to Modular and Highly Autonomous Machine Systems
Author: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Herlitzius,Dr.-Ing. Jens Krzywinski, Prof. Dr. Matthias Klingner

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 1st day


Regisration & welcome coffee


Chair’s welcome and opening address


Smart and connected Agriculture

  • Analysis of key smart farming technologies
  • Farm sensors – In-equipment vs. in-soil • Farming as a service – A future opportunity for OEMs?
  • Drones vs. satellites – Which solution will prevail?
  • Electric propulsion – Not very promising for farming applications

Dr. Wilfried G. Aulbur, Senior Partner, Head Global Commercial Vehicle, Agriculture & Construction, Roland Berger, USA


Local Agriculture and direct Business – Is the WWW the Solution?

  • ICT solutions for small farming, pricing and direct sales to local communities
  • Indicators for small farming: How to collect and process these?
  • Local producers and direct sales: Biggest constraints
  • Trade-group agreements via the WWW

Teresa Neves, Project Manager, co-authors: Pedro Krupenski, José Luís Monteiro, all: Oikos - Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, Portuga


Every Drop counts – Digital Farming Trends and a new Take on Crop Production

  • Changing societal and regulative demands require novel ideas and approaches
  • AI and other technological advancements: Main drivers to spur innovation
  • There is no simple solution to a complex task – A history on innovative endeavors for crop production
  • What‘s next? Is it utopia to spray only what is needed, where it is needed?

Clemens Delatrée, Project Lead Smart Spraying, xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions, BASF Digital Farming GmbH, Germany


Precision Agriculture in India

  • Precision Agriculture from an Indian domestic market perspective
  • What are the key market drivers?
  • How applicable are global technologies?
  • How can these technologies be adapted to suit?

James Miller, Group Chief Technology Officer, TAFE, India




Satellite observed Data for Agriculture. Globally. Daily.

  • Passive microwave technology
  • Data products and service
  • Industries and applications

Dr. Richard de Jeu, CTO and Founder, VanderSat, The Netherlands


Paving the Way to Smart Farming in real Practice

  • A drone based application for disease detections in potatoes using emerging and state of the art technology: Multi/hyper spectral cameras
  • Progression of application development: research, innovation, product
  • How large european projects support this process

Dr. ir Jürgen Vangeyte, Director of the Agricultural Engineering Department, Research Institute for agriculture, fisheries and food (ILVO), Belgium


AeroFarms – Elevating New Crops and Insights with Indoor Vertical Farmin

  • Leading the way with proprietary growing technology and commercial growing expertise
  • Utilizing machine vision, machine learning, and AI for growing algorithms
  • Driving innovation to transform all of agriculture

Marc Oshima, MBA, BA, Co Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, AeroFarms, USA


Networking & coffee break


Interactive Round Table Session

  • 1. Importance of Data for Real Time Decision Making • Dr. Corina Ardelean, AGCO Corporation, USA
  • 2. Cross Company Collaboration – The fast Lane to Joint Innovation in Smart Agriculture • Clemens Delatrée, xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions, Germany
  • 3. AI in Agriculture – From assistive Technologies to Autonomy • Josh Gelinske, Director AI Systems, Appareo Systems LLC, USA
  • 4. The added Value of Earth Observation Data for Agricultural Applications • Dr. Richard de Jeu, VanderSat, The Netherlands
  • 5. Data Accessibility, Ownership, and Shareconomy • Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Kalmar, Fraunhofer IESE, Germany
  • 6. Connecting the Dots: Defining and deploying Real-Time Risk Management for the Farmer and his trusted Partners • Ron Osborne, Farmers Edge, Canada
  • 7. Digital Innovation Hubs – Digital Transformation of Agriculture at a regional Level • Dr. Sjaak Wolfert, Scientific Coordinator of SmartAgriHubs, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherland

The Story of VitalFields

  • Founding an AgTech company in Europe
  • Building scalable sales and marketing in 7 countries
  • Selling the startup to a Fortune 500 company – Lessons learned

Martin Rand, AgTech Expert and Founder of, Estonia



At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants and speakers.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 2nd day


From Machine Data to better Decisions – Examples in Agriculture

  • Examining sensors and connectivity as building blocks
  • Realizing value though data sharing amongst farm stakeholders
  • Examples for visualizing value: Field activity, harvest, animal feeding
  • Data focused toward next generation solutions for digital agriculture

Michael Gomes, MBA, VP Business Development IoT, Topcon Agriculture Inc., USA


How to harvest your Data

  • Transforming large amounts of data into relevant information and generate usable knowledge
  • Opportunities provided by data analytics for the agriculture industry
  • Possible application scenarios – From classic applications to autonomous, data-driven systems
  • Developing solutions independently of tools, manufacturers or infrastructure

Lennart Willms, M.Sc., Expert Data Analytics, ITK Engineering GmbH, Germany


Networking and Data Usage: Big Data and Data Ownership Outlin

  • How gathering data can enable growers to continually optimize and become data-driven managers of their fields
  • Agricultural data as a grower’s tool for minimizing risk and increasing profitability
  • Non-proprietary solutions empower farmers to maximize yield and profitability
  • Employing an open architecture ensures compatibility within mixed fleets and across the entire farm operation

Dr. Corina Ardelean, Product Manager, Data Integration & Machine to Machine Communication, AGCO Corporation, USA


Networking & coffee break


How to bridge the Gap between Farmer and Technology

  • 4% GNSS penetration while smartphone is 35%
  • Case study: How to build digital product with farmers
  • Integrated smartphone platform enables rapid service development

Michael Utkin, Founder and CEO, eFarmer B.V., The Netherlands


Utilizing Farm Management Software to improve Relations in Agricultural Value-Chain

  • The role of farm management software
  • Impact of digital transformation on the key stakeholders (farmers, input manufactures, ag retail, crop buyers, advisory, government)
  • Ensuring adoption of Agtech solutions by utilizing the strength of the value chain

Matija Zulj, Chief Executive Officer, Agrivi Ltd., United Kingdom




AI-driven Strategy for Farm Finance and Insurance

  • Reduce farm risks by utilizing advanced technology, remote sensing, and integrated digital offerings
  • How financial service partners can reward farms that adopt risk-reducing strategies
  • Enable farmers to better negotiate with insurance companies and other trusted lenders including OEM and retailers

Ron Osborne, Chief Strategy Officer, Farmers Edge, Canada


Panel Discussion: Farming as a Service

  • Panelists: Session speakers as well as
  • Patrick Honcoop, Head of Product Partnerships, 365FarmNet Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Networking & coffee break


The Evolution of Tractor Implement Systems to Modular And Highly Autonomous Machine Systems (Fieldswarm)

  • Change of the growth paradigm for Ag-Machinery from „Bigger – Faster – Wider“ to „Smart and Connected“
  • The role and requirements of farm management information systems in process control
  • Advantages and challenges of autonomous machines in reflection on the example Feldschwarm®
  • Fully autonomous robotic systems versus collaborative automation and shared autonomy – Transformation of the operators workplac

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Herlitzius, Chair of Agricultural Systems and Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Science, Dr.-Ing. Jens Krzywinski, both: Technical University of Dresden, Prof. Dr. Matthias Klingner, Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI, Germany


Development of Advanced Sensing and Control of Agricultural Applications using ROS (Robot Operating System)

  • Overview of ROS: Key characteristics, uses, benefits, and constraints
  • Adapting ROS to agricultural machine applications
  • Examples of application of ROS in agricultural applications
  • ROS as infrastructure towards autonomous agricultural machines

Darcy Cook, M.Sc., Director of Engineering, JCA Electronics, Canada


Conference chair’s closing remarks


End of conference

The Smart Farming 2019 conference will cover the following topics, amongst others:

  • Internet of AgriThings: Case Studies – Is the WWW the solution?
  • Paving the Way to Smart Farming in real Practice
  • Enabling Technologies and Solutions for Digital Farming
  • Artificial Intelligence in Agriclture – From Assistive Technologies to Autonomy
  • Data-driven Value – How to get the most out of Farming Data
  • Start-Ups: Transforming the Agriculture Sector
    + Panel Discussion: Farming as a service
    + Interactive Round Table Session

Who is the conference for?

This conference will bring people from the following fields together:

  • Developers and Product Managers in manufacturing of agricultural machines
  • Suppliers of agricultural equipment and components
  • Robotics manufacturers focusing on farming applications
  • Key players in the agri-chemical industry
  • Logistics providers for agricultural applications
  • Cooperative farm holders (Big Farms)
  • Ministries & Departments of Agriculture from different countries
  • Agricultural Research Agencies, Associations & Unions as well as Universities & Colleges

If you have any questions or need further information please contact Dr. Maria Georgiou-Smith.

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