The Congress Concept

The International VDI Congress „Dritev – Drivetrains for Vehicles “ has gained high recognition amongst professionals particularly for its high-quality technical input and knowledge shared. A new agenda is put together every year, where topics are raised that are fueling current debate. Altogether the program is geared towards solutions in series production development and at the same time new concepts and approaches from the field of predevelopment and research are explored.  The goal is here to stay closely in tune with industry applications.

However, it’s not just the expert audience from the passenger vehicle sector who will get their money’s worth at the congress, every two years their peers from the commercial vehicle and mobile machinery sector join in and get their chance to intensify their dialogue and share expert knowledge across industry sectors.  


We are currently preparing the final program for you. You will soon be able to download it here.

Exhibition newspaper

The highlights of 2018 can be found in our exhibition newspaper:

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