Material Handling & Intralogistics Solutions

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  • Lernen Sie neue innovative Geschäftsmodelle in der Intralogistik kennen.
  • Seien Sie dabei, wenn erfahrene Vorstände im Panel über die Digitalisierung diskutieren.
  • Hören Sie spannende Keynotes von Google oder Toyota Material Handling.
  • Tauschen Sie sich mit internationalen Experten aus den USA, Asien und Europa aus.
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Material Handling & Intralogistics Solutions - VDI Konferenz

Die Konferenz „Material Handling & Intralogistics Solutions“ beschäftigt sich mit den aktuellen Entwicklungen und Veränderungen in der Flurförderzeug- und Intralogistik-Branche. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei aktuelle Themen wie Digitalisierung, Vernetzung, Automatisierung, E-Commerce oder Daten Management. Die Veranstaltung bietet den Teilnehmern einen einzigartigen Austausch mit internationalen Experten aus Europa, den USA und Asien. Erfahren Sie anhand konkreter Beispiele, wie Sie mit der Digitalisierung und Vernetzung in der Intralogistik umgehen können.

Die virtuelle Welt der Intralogistik

Der Aufstieg des Internet of Things führt auch in der Flurförderzeug- und Intralogistik-Branche dazu, dass neue Themen wie z. B. E-Commerce und Vernetzung verstärkt in den Fokus rücken. Wer auch in Zukunft in dieser Branche erfolgreich sein möchte, sollte diese Themen in seine Zukunftsplanung mit einbeziehen.

Informieren Sie sich auf der Konferenz „Material Handling & Intralogistics Solutions“ über die Disruptoren in der Intralogistik und erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit diesen erfolgreich umgehen können. Durch neue Entwicklungen, wie Konnektivität, entstehen in der Intralogistik nicht nur neue innovative Chancen, beispielsweise für Anwender, sondern auch Herausforderungen, die aus Hersteller- und Anwenderperspektive diskutiert werden müssen. Datensicherheit stellt ein wichtiges Thema dar. Auch hierzu gibt die Konferenz „Material Handling & Intralogistics Solutions“ Gelegenheit.

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1st day: November 15, 2016


Registration & welcome coffee


Chair’s welcome and opening address

Mats Lindell, Director Logistics Solutions, Toyota Material Handling
Deutschland GmbH, Isernhagen, Germany



General Trends have specific Consequences
in Material Handling

  • Trends in society, technology, demography and others
  • Effects on the material handling industry
  • Enablers for answering the new needs
  • Consequential effects

Johannes Pieter Herman van Leeuwen, ME M.Sc., Executive Vice President
Region Central Europe Service & Logistics Solutions, Management, Toyota
Material Handling Europe, Brussels, Belgium

I. Telematics & Connectivity


Taking Telematics into the next Level of Fleet Management

  • Total cost of ownership based on data reporting
  • Integrating telemetry solutions
  • Fleet management beyond telemetry
  • Customer focused management within an independent dealer network

Francois Serfontein, Vice President, Aftermarket & Marketing, Co-Speaker:
Ingmar Schoemacher, Fleet Business Manager, All: Hyster-Yale Group, Frimley, UK


Forklift Telematics and Analytics – An unbeatable
Combination for Safety and Savings

  • Telematics track forklift safety and productivity
  • Data collected create industry and enterprise benchmarks
  • By monitoring KPIs upon installation customers can ensure return on
    investment is achieved
  • Ensuring accurate and consistent data from all manufacturers and vehicle

Kenneth Ehrman, B.S. Industrial Engineering, CEO, Corporate, I.D.
Systems Inc., Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, USA, Co-Speaker: Ute Filippone,
Business Manager EMEA & UK, I.D. Systems, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


Data and Connectivity – Delivering Visibility and Safety to
Warehouse Operations

  • The use of location aware technology
  • Improving shop floor safety alerts and alarms
  • Management information to drive pro-active safety improvements
  • Enhancing the warehouse management system

Tim Young, B.Sc. Mathematics, Director of Vero Solutions, Vero, Harland
Simon PLC, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom




System Solutions enable the smart Factory

  • How to start to achieve a smart factory
  • Difference between automation and autonomous systems
  • Series autonomous truck as a team player
  • Connectivity: Digitization leads to holistic fleet management approach

Christian Fischer, M.Sc., Director International Product Management
Business & Automation Solutions, Marketing, STILL GmbH, Hamburg,



Potentials of Data & Connectivity –
A Google Perspective

  • The importance of data
  • How Google handles the amount of data it is facing and what we have
  • Outlook: Potential and why Data analytics is a must for all industries

Jens Bussmann, Cloud Platform Lead, Cloud Platform Global, Google
Germany, Munich, Germany

II. Pragmatics and Future Visions in Intralogistics


Toyota Production System – The Origin of LEAN

  • Key Concepts of Toyota Production System (TPS)
  • Applications of TPS in Toyota Material Handling Europe
  • How TPS will affect your leadership behaviour
  • How to be successful and sustainable in your TPS/LEAN implementation

Pär Forsell, B.Sc., Toyota Production System Manager, Sales Development &
Support, Toyota Material Handling Europe, Mjölby, Sweden


How Wearables and customizable Apps will define the
Future of Intralogistics and Operations

  • What classifies a wearable device?
  • The current landscape of wearables
  • Where do wearables fit in at work?
  • Let‘s talk software: The customization approach

Manuel Will, B.A., Head of Marketing, iTiZZiMO AG, Würzburg, Germany


Networking & coffee break


Smart digital Services for Industrial Trucks

  • Intelligence for shop floor and management
  • Guarantee for more data security within network operations
  • Open new fields of operation potentials
  • Together for efficiency and safety
  • New business models by partnerships

Dipl.-Ing. Alec Essati, CEO, Zeno Track GmbH – a Member of the Bosch
Group, Vienna, Austria

III. Energy Concepts


Requirements for Energy Storage Systems for Industrial Trucks

  • Comparison of technologies
  • Li-Ion vs. lead-acid
  • Specifications and requirements on traction batteries
  • Efficiency-related issues (e.g. synthetic discharge cycle)

Dr. Bernhard Riegel, R&D Director, Research & Development, HOPPECKE
Batterien GmbH & Co. KG, Brilon, Germany


An automotive Perspective: Energy Management and
Automation in the Age of Connectivity

  • Connectivity as key enabler for productivity improvements
  • Current Volkswagen automation projects
  • How to cope with challenges such as ergonomics and ageing of the workforce
  • Future road to energy Management

Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Becker, Technical Planner, Fuelcell, Automation and
Industrial Vehicles, Volkswagen AG – Werk Emden, Germany


Propulsion Technology Systems for Electrical Powered
Forklift Trucks – A Perspective on TCO

  • Fundamentals of electric propulsion technologies for forklift trucks (leadacid,
    li-Ion, fuel cell)
  • Advantages and drawbacks for intralogistics applications
  • Total cost of ownership – A comparison

Dominik Leuzinger, M.Sc., Product Manager Intralogistic, Perfect Charging –
Product Management, Co-Speaker: Dr. Ewald Wahlmüller, Research and
Development, Teamleader Hydrogen Solutions, all: Fronius International
GmbH, Wels, Austria


End of conference day one


At the end of the first conference day we kindly invite you to use the relaxed
and informal atmosphere for in-depth conversations with other participants
and Speakers.

2nd day: November 16, 2016


Increasing the Efficiency of Intralogistics by using
innovative Energy Solutions

  • Technical details of lithium titanate oxide (LTO) technology/chemistry
  • Safety advantages
  • Differentiators and comparison with conventional technologies
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Reference cases e.g. Delhaize

Jeroen Herman, M.Sc., Business Development Manager, Co-Speaker:
Antti Väryrynen, Lic. Sc. (Tech), Vice President, Mobile Storage Systems,
All: Leclanché. Turnhout, Belgium


Optimization of Energy Consumption at Material Handling
with intelligent Li-ION Batteries

  • Li-Ion batteries for material handling applications
  • Energy consumption improvements
  • Sustainability aspects
  • Economic data improvements

Detlef Hasenfuss, Director Marketing, Alelion Batteries AB, Mölndal, Sweden


Panel Discussion 

Material Handling in the Age of the
Digital Transformation

  • Challenges and opportunities of e-commerce
  • The rise of the industrial internet of things


Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Kratz, M.Sc., Managing Director, EMA GmbH –
Executive Management Advisors, Fichtelberg, Germany


Martin Hiscox, Board Director, Dematic, Kewill and LS Retail, Hiscox
Ventures, UK
Peter Sprigg, Managing Director, Helge Nyberg AB, Ulricehamn, Sweden
Johannes Pieter Herman van Leeuwen, ME M.Sc., Executive Vice President
Region Central Europe Service & Logistics Solutions, Management, Toyota
Material Handling Europe, Brussels, Belgium
Michael Löhr, Managing Director, tiramizoo GmbH, München, Germany


Networking & coffee break

IV: Automation Solutions


The connected Warehouse – A modular and scalable Solution
to hybrid Warehouses combining manual and automated Transports

  • Introduction – How to redefine automation
    Explanation of the 80/20 rule
  • The importance of data
  • Simplicity as a key element

Yves Gazin, M.Sc., Strategic Solutions Manager, Egemin Automation,
Zwijndrecht, Belgium



A Chinese Perspective of Automation and Manufacturing

  • HANGCHA development
  • Utilization of intelligence and digitization in different field
  • The HANGCHA intelligent path
  • Difficulties and forecast of realization of intelligent manufacturing

Haihua Ren, M.Sc., Deputy Chief Economist, Co-Speaker: Isa Hua Zhang,
Marketing Dept. Manager, All:HANGCHA GROUP CO., LTD., Hangzhou, China




Structural Barriers to Automation Investment in China

  • The politics of made in China 2025
  • Hype vs. understanding in Chinese markets
  • Infrastructure readiness by automation use case and sector
  • Success cases and background factors
  • Making the business case for automation in China

Erik Walenza-Slabe, MBA, CEO, Operations, IoT ONE Inc., Shanghai, China


Automation from a Safety Perspective: The Increase of
Safety with 3D Camera Detection

  • Sensors and further technical concepts
  • Frontal detection
  • In-rack pallet detection
  • In rack empty volume detection

Dipl.-Ing. Pascal Rialland, Vice President Marketing, Co-Speaker: Vincent
Rebaud, Chief R&D Engineer, All: Balyo, Moissy-Cramayel, France


Disruptive Technology: Scaling Automation Growth with
flexible Robotics

  • How incremental, scalable, flexible automation works with today’s
    competitive market
  • How the new norm of customization, seasonal changes, shorter product
    life cycles, smaller production runs, and volume mix affect productivity
  • Why disruptive technology can mitigate capital risks
  • Why automation should grow naturally, scaling to an enterprise solution
  • Case Study: Jaguar Land Rover

Peter Bak, M. Sc. EE, Business Development Executive – Europe, Sales,
Seegrid, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Automation of Industrial Trucks for flexible Industrial

  • Efficient and flexible automation of in-house transports is a key to
    increased productivity
  • Automation and flexibility is no contradiction
  • Use of latest technology offers new applications in production and
  • Three AGV projects in more Detail

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Albrecht, Head of AGV Systems, Machines and Facilities,
Fraunhofer Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik, Dortmund, Germany


Conference chair’s closing remarks


End of conference

An wen wendet sich die Konferenz?

Die innovative Veranstaltung „Material Handling & Intralogistics Solutions“ ist interessant für

  • Hersteller von Flurförderzeugen sowie Intralogistik-Lösungen
  • Zulieferer
  • OEMs
  • andere wichtige Anwender, z. B. aus der Lebensmittelbranche, aus Logistikunternehmen und an Häfen und Flughäfen.

Nutzen Sie die Chance zu Networking und Austausch

Die Konferenz „Material Handling & Intralogistics Solutions“ bietet Ihnen umfangreiche Informationen, kompetenten Austausch und konkrete Beispiele für den Umgang mit der Digitalisierung und Vernetzung in der Intralogistik. Sichern Sie sich gleich Ihren Platz. Bei gemeinsamer Buchung mit dem Spezialtag „Dynamic tugger train routing“ erhalten Sie einen vergünstigten Kombipreis

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Leadership and Ownership
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